Thursday, May 30, 2013

last day

If school holiday traffic smooth sikit is it? Kan best hari² school holiday. USJ memang clear, so dah save time kat situ. Federal highway still the same tapi ok la not as congested as before. If ikut plan, ada lagi 2 weeks kat sini and one week more for school holiday. My sister who is working in the same company as me, her last day is today. Like finally. Dari dulu nak cari kerja lain and at last dapat pon. Good for her la sebab this job memang not her line and her first job. Still young so go out there and experience other things. Satu office pon jumpa kejap², pergi kerja tak sama, lunch pon tak sama. Wish her the best!

tiba² macam sama tinggi dgn zira dut

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