Wednesday, May 8, 2013

jam jam jam

Traffic was very bad in the morning. Dah start jam even from PH itself. Sampai traffic light depan Petronas, I took the left exit to USJ via One City just because kat flyover depan tu macam teruk je. Suspect maybe ada accident there sebab both ways before entering PH macam clear. Even nak masuk USJ pon dah start queue 50 metres before the USJ exit. Usually memang la kena queue gak but tak la seteruk macam this morning. I think esok I nak try route lain in USJ, maybe boleh save some time there. Anyways, I reached office around 8.30am which is actually my usual hour if in CBJ tapi pukul 8 la baru keluar rumah. Boss cakap estimate to be here for another one month. Gulp! The office and all ok, tapi journey to get here tuh yang letih. Bila dah keluar awal, pagi kena la bangun awal to cook for the kids. If boleh, I memang suka masak fresh for the kids. Now nak masak pon a bit challenging sebab Aariq pon dah pandai pilih nak makan apa. He normally eats anything tapi lately makan pilih². I hope it's just a phase. Oh well, I've been thru this with Mika, nothing is new. We will tackle this slowly :)

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