Thursday, May 16, 2013

farewell no.2

So this is the 2nd farewell. We went out for makan at one of the restaurants at SS2. Knowing SS2, the parking there is horrible and it was at lunch hour. Nevertheless we all managed to find a good spot to park and I have to thank my colleague for that. If I were the driver, we probably need to park super far as I just hate to park in crowded place. The farewell was for one of the TLs and we used to be in the same team for 5 years and I even went to Spore with him to do our first Budget Night. All the best!

fluffy buns pair with curry kapitan for starter

the main dishes..
dry buttered prawns, baby kai lan with garlic, sizzling tofu, mango chicken, salted egg squids, garoupa melaka street curry
for dessert - melon ice something, cendol and ABC 

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