Tuesday, May 14, 2013

eye candy

Heard of R.e.v.enge TV series? I'm now watching the 2nd season and I think dah ada all episodes. Konon plan nak habiskan lepas the kids tidur but sure dengan I sekali tertido. Ada la 3 more episodes to go kot. I like the story line and of course one of the main casts sangat ooh la la. Ala² James Bond dengan suit dia. Everytime ada scene dia, sure ada orang tu syok sendiri senyum sorang². Hubby dah tak larat nak layan dah. Oh, only me watching. He doesn't like this kind of series. This actor is a British btw. What's up with all these British actors huh? Kalau handsome tu handsome benar. Anyway, the plot bukan la love story semata². Ada la twist here and there. When this ends, I wonder what to watch next.

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