Tuesday, April 30, 2013

week 4 sudah

Sedar tak sedar dah week 4 kat PJ ni. Everyday is the same routine. Leave the house at 6.55am, spend 1 hr and 15 mins on the road then sampai office around 8.15am. Kalau nasib baik lah. I follow route yang sama je since mula² drive which is PH - USJ - Subang - Fed Highway. No tol and about 18km to reach office. Balik, follow Fed Highway - Sunway - Puchong with tol about 15km to reach home. Since kena ikut Fed Highway yang memang congested, belajar few tricks (legal yer) just to save some time. I cannot complain much sebab ada je my colleagues yang travel lagi jauh dan kena bangun as early as 5am but sampai office at 9. So bersyukur la seadanya. We will be in PJ for 4 more weeks if ikut plan. So far the facility is okay, makan pon senang. Cuma nak dan tak nak la makan sebab dia gerai tepi jalan jer. Food dia sangat murah compare to price in CBJ. I am not that picky when it come to food. Nampak ok, rasa sedap makan je la..(cakap je la makan banyak) Nasi campur with ayam + sayur, RM5 je. Itu price minimum kalau kat CBJ tu. I got some tips from my friend (Farina dear, if you are reading this..thanks for the tips!) who used to work in the office next door. Dia la recommend gerai mana yang ok then jalan mana nak ikut. This facility memang all out for us. Siap buat kan pantry for us with tv yer..then buat new rooms just to accommodate us all. I sampai tanya boss, we are not going to be here forever kan? Serious I tak nak la if forever. Biar la kat sudut CBJ tuh, yang penting tak jam. Tapi if you look at CBJ now macam² ada. From zero to hero, chewahh!

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