Saturday, April 13, 2013

trip to HN

This was long overdue but still gonna post it here sebab the photos are all transferred. One weekend, I think about last 2 weeks, jalan² cari tv that Saturday. We checked out few places but then we settled with the one in Harvey Norman, Citta Mall. The kids memang excited la sebab bukan selalu keluar malam. Usually by 8 semua dah siap² nak tidur kan. Before that, we had dinner first, yer la masing² dah lapar. Dalam HN, haih..tak boleh duduk diam langsung..both of them. I memang leave it to hubby to decide on which model the best and all, sebab sibuk dok kejar they all. Oh bibik cuti that weekend, tuh sebab mommy dia yang sibuk kena kejar. Finally we settled with one and ok la kot..I don't know much about TV tapi I trust hubby's choice sebab when it comes to gadgets/electronic stuffs, dia selalu survey lebih. Tak muat nak masuk kereta, so kena opt for delivery. Sometimes I love it if just the four of us, if you get what I mean :)

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