Saturday, April 6, 2013

R.E.A.L Kids Sports Day 2013

This year Sports Day was held at MPSJ Stadium, USJ 5. Only centres around Subang area participated that day. Last year lain sikit sebab it was an Olympiad one held every 4 years. You can read it here. So pagi tu hujan lebat..ingat almost cancel dah but approaching 8am, dah stop and I think by 8.30 dah start. As usual, excited la to see him kan, and his game was the 2nd one. Masa tengah queue, this boy boleh menari² pulak goyang², dah semua kat sebelah gelak². Anak siapa la ni. Hubby ada capture that on video, but leceh nak attach here sebab panjang sangat. Teacher cakap dah habis, boleh fetch and balik. By 10.30 dah settle kot. Nice weather, tak panas sangat. Enjoy the photos!

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