Wednesday, April 10, 2013

live from PJ

Blogging live from temporary office in PJ. As a result of the fire in the server room last week, staffs in CBJ office had to be relocated to KL office and also this temporary office in Seksyen 13, PJ. Actually tak la jauh sangat from PH, about 15km? Tapi sebab kena lalu Federal Highway + USJ, journey takes about an hour la gaks. Thanks to a friend bagi tips on which route to use, I arrived here at 8am. First day I naik transport from CBJ, 2nd day carpool with my sister and we took the LDP route tapi stuck before Puchong tol, then after Sunway tol and later dekat Penang bridge tu. Left PH at 7am and reached office at 8.20am. Since my sister and I both managed to secure a parking lot here, we decided to travel on our own. The earliest I can leave house is at 6.45-7am sebab I have to cook in the morning plus the kids pon baru nak bangun 6.45am tu, tak nak la pergi without saying goodbye kan. Also I tak nak lah sampai office awal sangat. Target to reach the office at 8, just nice. 

Well what can I say about this temp office okay la..tapi of course I still prefer CBJ office but can do la for the next 6 weeks or so. The best part is keluar je ada gerai². Dulu kat CBJ kena drive baru jumpa this time walking distance saja. So sampai sure gi breakfast dulu :) and the bond macam closer sebab semua team mix around. Still early to tell but so far so good. Also lunch is provided for this whole week. Yang prefer to go to CBJ office first, there will be buses available to take them here on different slots. FOC. The second batch is here today so need to settle them in. Later :)

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