Thursday, April 4, 2013

free holiday!

Wow never in my working life to receive a call asking me not to go to the office. My colleague called me up yesterday around 5.30am and told me not to go to the office as the office has sustained a fire in the server room. I thought I was dreaming! No personal injury nor loss of data, just disruption to connectivity. Network and phone lines are down and we were told not to come to the office until further notice. Started to cascade the info to team members and I could not go back to sleep wondering how bad it could be as the server room is located just behind my team. I noticed that my fellow TLs were up online by 6. They too have been informed by their line manager.

Of course to be given free holiday is one of the best things one could ask for but for TLs/managers, we still need to monitor our team and it's hard to do that remotely. There are tons of emails to be read/replied and we need to sort out a lot of things for plan B or even C, who knows. Some of the stuffs still needs to be BAU and we need to provide as much support as we can to Editorial. Asked the team to be on standby and work from home if needed. My team is co-operative enough and  has given full support in clearing the Trackers and those important stuffs on time and almost all have VPN connection at home. Told them, just be there when I need you and remain contactable. Good job Delta!

Went to the office today to get some stuffs. Oh my, you can smell the smoke even from the entrance. Not good if you have asthma. Quickly saved stuffs and I actually cannot do much as most of the stuffs are stored in the common drive, in the server room which of course has been burnt to ashes. There's backup but will take some time to retrieve the files. The fire was contained in the server room itself, thanks to the "Pintu Rintangan Api" but smoke filled up the entire floor. Met my boss and colleagues. So happy to see them. Not long after that we were shooed away by the HR manager telling us we cannot work and asked us to go back. This incident is currently under investigation and bosses are working out plans now for interim measure.

In a way, it's nice to work from home. I can check on the kids whenever I feel like and entertain them when I am free. Till then..

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