Tuesday, April 30, 2013

week 4 sudah

Sedar tak sedar dah week 4 kat PJ ni. Everyday is the same routine. Leave the house at 6.55am, spend 1 hr and 15 mins on the road then sampai office around 8.15am. Kalau nasib baik lah. I follow route yang sama je since mula² drive which is PH - USJ - Subang - Fed Highway. No tol and about 18km to reach office. Balik, follow Fed Highway - Sunway - Puchong with tol about 15km to reach home. Since kena ikut Fed Highway yang memang congested, belajar few tricks (legal yer) just to save some time. I cannot complain much sebab ada je my colleagues yang travel lagi jauh dan kena bangun as early as 5am but sampai office at 9. So bersyukur la seadanya. We will be in PJ for 4 more weeks if ikut plan. So far the facility is okay, makan pon senang. Cuma nak dan tak nak la makan sebab dia gerai tepi jalan jer. Food dia sangat murah compare to price in CBJ. I am not that picky when it come to food. Nampak ok, rasa sedap makan je la..(cakap je la makan banyak) Nasi campur with ayam + sayur, RM5 je. Itu price minimum kalau kat CBJ tu. I got some tips from my friend (Farina dear, if you are reading this..thanks for the tips!) who used to work in the office next door. Dia la recommend gerai mana yang ok then jalan mana nak ikut. This facility memang all out for us. Siap buat kan pantry for us with tv yer..then buat new rooms just to accommodate us all. I sampai tanya boss, we are not going to be here forever kan? Serious I tak nak la if forever. Biar la kat sudut CBJ tuh, yang penting tak jam. Tapi if you look at CBJ now macam² ada. From zero to hero, chewahh!

Monday, April 29, 2013

mika oh mika

These two videos were captured yesterday. Now kan semua dok buat G.w.iyomi tu..oh well, I just found out last week kot apa benda ni. Tengah usha² videos, Mika pon nak tengok sekali. Tengok² dia dok practice yesterday. Oh no..not you boy. I don't like this G.w.iyomi thing. Anyways, just for fun. The video yang 2nd tuh, Mika tak nak layan mommy sangat because his focus was on iPad

Saturday, April 27, 2013

a date with two boys

We went to watch Iron Man 3 last Saturday. Of course, kena bawak Mika sekali sebab dia memang die hard fan of Iron Man, Avengers dan seangkatan dengan nya. Boys will be boys eh? I tak ingat sangat the 1st one and the 2nd one, but I have to say the movie memang best. Two thumbs up! Budak kecik dalam cinema memang x leh nak duduk diam. Attention span sangat pendek except for the part lawan² tu dia boleh concentrate. Yg part cakap², dia duduk atas tangga la, duduk atas my lap la. I nampak ada orang bawak baby to the cinema tapi tak dengar bunyi langsung baby tuh, hebat nya. Bawak Aariq memang tak boleh la kan. Not until he's 3. After that, petang tu, tak pergi mana² pon, teman hubby to somewhere, tahpau dinner and ate at home. Oh, that night me and hubby watched another movie tapi kat rumah je la. Hubby's kind of movie but ok la, boleh terima

eh napa muka kamu macam tu?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hello hello. I wanted to blog so bad on Monday even yesterday but I could not find the time to do so. Remember my last entry? The blackout was caused by wiring shot at one of the cables downstairs. As a result, auto gate, tv and astro decoder kat bawah semua rosak. Oh well, yang I tau fuse dah terbakar bit by bit that's why ada bau sangat pelik these few days. According to the wiring man, sikit lagi je nak affect the other fuse which is currently protected in another box.  TNB people were there too. Hubby rushed home that afternoon to attend to them. Luckily semua settle within the day itself. On the not so lucky side, more $ spent to repair the auto-gate and tv dan tiba² je ada tv baru on Sunday. Kerja siapa la tu nak tv baru :P

Saturday, April 13, 2013

trip to HN

This was long overdue but still gonna post it here sebab the photos are all transferred. One weekend, I think about last 2 weeks, jalan² cari tv that Saturday. We checked out few places but then we settled with the one in Harvey Norman, Citta Mall. The kids memang excited la sebab bukan selalu keluar malam. Usually by 8 semua dah siap² nak tidur kan. Before that, we had dinner first, yer la masing² dah lapar. Dalam HN, haih..tak boleh duduk diam langsung..both of them. I memang leave it to hubby to decide on which model the best and all, sebab sibuk dok kejar they all. Oh bibik cuti that weekend, tuh sebab mommy dia yang sibuk kena kejar. Finally we settled with one and ok la kot..I don't know much about TV tapi I trust hubby's choice sebab when it comes to gadgets/electronic stuffs, dia selalu survey lebih. Tak muat nak masuk kereta, so kena opt for delivery. Sometimes I love it if just the four of us, if you get what I mean :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

traffic is depressing but still manageable

Day 5 in PJ office. Traffic memang teruk la. Took me an hour or so to reach office. Tapi bila balik setengah jam je dah sampai. Keluar office pukul 4.30pm, sampai pukul 5. How wonderful is that? Ok la, at least pergi no need tol. Mana² jalan ikut pon sure jam. Rindu jalan tak jam to CBJ. 20 min max dah sampai office. Now I'm at PJ office, need to leave the house around 6.50 - 7am. If dulu, once a month je keluar that early sebab ada that monthly meeting with night shift TLs. Normally 6.50am like that baru nak bangun..huhuh..memang mencabar betul kerja tempat lain. Respect la those yang kena travel using Fed Highway and all. Tapi one good thing here is..hari² turun bawah ni breakfast. Macam² ada. I'm sure those yang everyday turun breakfast gonna miss this when we move back to CBJ (I'm included :P) Since next week onwards we need to pay for our own lunch (1 week ni makan free), kena la cari food sendiri. Walking distance a bit limited, nak keluar drive tak tau nak gi mana. If kat CBJ, there are plenty of makan place to choose from. We'll see how next week.

This morning our house kena tendang. Meaning, ada 2 switches shot then bila tolak balik the main switch, that switch refuse to ON. Dah satu rumah black out. It happened time hubby nak send Mika to school. Siap ada bau cam benda terbakar lagi. Hubby said nampak spark. I dah realise something wrong early this morning bila fan dalam bilik slow je. Then bila mandi, on shower but the light in the bathroom pon flicker. Kat luar fan pon macam tiba2 laju dan slow sendiri and ada la flickering here and there. Told bibik to pack the kids' things and hubby hantar them to mom's house. Haihhh..sure ada wiring problem ni. Electrician will come after lunch. Macam tak boleh nak tidur rumah je malam ni if tak ok. Balik kampung Putra Avenue la kot

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

live from PJ

Blogging live from temporary office in PJ. As a result of the fire in the server room last week, staffs in CBJ office had to be relocated to KL office and also this temporary office in Seksyen 13, PJ. Actually tak la jauh sangat from PH, about 15km? Tapi sebab kena lalu Federal Highway + USJ, journey takes about an hour la gaks. Thanks to a friend bagi tips on which route to use, I arrived here at 8am. First day I naik transport from CBJ, 2nd day carpool with my sister and we took the LDP route tapi stuck before Puchong tol, then after Sunway tol and later dekat Penang bridge tu. Left PH at 7am and reached office at 8.20am. Since my sister and I both managed to secure a parking lot here, we decided to travel on our own. The earliest I can leave house is at 6.45-7am sebab I have to cook in the morning plus the kids pon baru nak bangun 6.45am tu, tak nak la pergi without saying goodbye kan. Also I tak nak lah sampai office awal sangat. Target to reach the office at 8, just nice. 

Well what can I say about this temp office okay la..tapi of course I still prefer CBJ office but can do la for the next 6 weeks or so. The best part is keluar je ada gerai². Dulu kat CBJ kena drive baru jumpa this time walking distance saja. So sampai sure gi breakfast dulu :) and the bond macam closer sebab semua team mix around. Still early to tell but so far so good. Also lunch is provided for this whole week. Yang prefer to go to CBJ office first, there will be buses available to take them here on different slots. FOC. The second batch is here today so need to settle them in. Later :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Setia City Mall

Later in the evening after the Sports Day, bawak the kids jalan² to Setia City Mall. Pagi tadi Aariq tak ikut kan, so kena la bawak dia keluar that evening (cakap je la mommy dia nak jalan). I like this mall, sebab dekat, parking pon senang, dalam pon luas, sesuai for the kids. Good place to shop too sebab ada banyak well-known shops and makan place pon banyak. Macam² ada. Oh well, easier to go here rather than KL or MidValley or far end to OU there. When you have kids, semua pon nak yang senang dan cepat. Ye tak? We had a bite at TGIF first and this mall pon Mika suka sebab ada benda kat bawah ni yang just opposite TGIF, memang harus naik la kalau datang sini.

  as mentioned in my IG, rm5 for 5 minutes per person. tutup mata je la for the kids
mika naik2 rounds sebab time tu tengah tunggu food and nasib la aariq tengah tidur
since aariq tak pandai nak control sendiri, hubby kena control from his phone
how cool is that?

R.E.A.L Kids Sports Day 2013

This year Sports Day was held at MPSJ Stadium, USJ 5. Only centres around Subang area participated that day. Last year lain sikit sebab it was an Olympiad one held every 4 years. You can read it here. So pagi tu hujan lebat..ingat almost cancel dah but approaching 8am, dah stop and I think by 8.30 dah start. As usual, excited la to see him kan, and his game was the 2nd one. Masa tengah queue, this boy boleh menari² pulak goyang², dah semua kat sebelah gelak². Anak siapa la ni. Hubby ada capture that on video, but leceh nak attach here sebab panjang sangat. Teacher cakap dah habis, boleh fetch and balik. By 10.30 dah settle kot. Nice weather, tak panas sangat. Enjoy the photos!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

free holiday!

Wow never in my working life to receive a call asking me not to go to the office. My colleague called me up yesterday around 5.30am and told me not to go to the office as the office has sustained a fire in the server room. I thought I was dreaming! No personal injury nor loss of data, just disruption to connectivity. Network and phone lines are down and we were told not to come to the office until further notice. Started to cascade the info to team members and I could not go back to sleep wondering how bad it could be as the server room is located just behind my team. I noticed that my fellow TLs were up online by 6. They too have been informed by their line manager.

Of course to be given free holiday is one of the best things one could ask for but for TLs/managers, we still need to monitor our team and it's hard to do that remotely. There are tons of emails to be read/replied and we need to sort out a lot of things for plan B or even C, who knows. Some of the stuffs still needs to be BAU and we need to provide as much support as we can to Editorial. Asked the team to be on standby and work from home if needed. My team is co-operative enough and  has given full support in clearing the Trackers and those important stuffs on time and almost all have VPN connection at home. Told them, just be there when I need you and remain contactable. Good job Delta!

Went to the office today to get some stuffs. Oh my, you can smell the smoke even from the entrance. Not good if you have asthma. Quickly saved stuffs and I actually cannot do much as most of the stuffs are stored in the common drive, in the server room which of course has been burnt to ashes. There's backup but will take some time to retrieve the files. The fire was contained in the server room itself, thanks to the "Pintu Rintangan Api" but smoke filled up the entire floor. Met my boss and colleagues. So happy to see them. Not long after that we were shooed away by the HR manager telling us we cannot work and asked us to go back. This incident is currently under investigation and bosses are working out plans now for interim measure.

In a way, it's nice to work from home. I can check on the kids whenever I feel like and entertain them when I am free. Till then..

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

suspicious looking man

On the way to work this morning, I made a stop at Petronas, CBJ to get some breakfast. As I parked my car, I noticed that there was this mat salleh guy standing in front of my car. Thought he was waiting for a friend. On my way to the shop, he passed by me and said hi. Being polite, I replied back with a quick hi and headed inside. From inside I could see him near the car parked next to mine. Again I thought "Oh, maybe that's his car" Made no contact and rushed towards my car. Once inside, I quickly locked the door and left.   When driving towards the main road, I saw him again but this time he was waiving to get a ride from me. I pretended that I did not see that and sped off. Oh well, better be safe than sorry. Never know what he is up to. So ladies, be careful and be alert on your surroundings. Do not fall for this kind of act..in this case, a smart good looking Caucasian man asking for a ride. You will never know what will happen if you let him in. Don't be too nice ok? Have a good week ahead :)