Monday, March 11, 2013

now here comes the exciting part

After on and off being under the weather for days, now here comes the exciting part. We are leaving for Gold Coast, yeay! Memang plan lama nak pergi and we all macam contemplating to push our holiday to another week sebab the kids tak sihat kan. Flight available just hotel la fully booked. Actually time discharge tu, exactly a week after that dah fly to GC. A bit worried if kids tak sempat nak recover on time. Doc gave us green light to travel. Mika I tak risau sangat sebab dia macam dah sihat betul. Aariq I still risau sebab dia kurang sangat minum milk. Oh well, the trip went well. In fact macam best giler. Kids behaved and I guess memang everyone deserves this vacation sebab my sister pon hospitalised kan in Feb, then the kids pulaks. Weekend nak pergi I pulak demam then my mom tapi Alhamdulillah, everyone recovered on time. Will post the entries nanti usual, backdating the entry. So date and content ada sikit kelam kabut.

packing time

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