Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Oh my..lamanya tak update. More than a month..what is this..but IG selalu up-to-date probably because senang :) but tak nak la, I want to post stuffs here too for my reference. A lot of things have happened in Feb. Like a lot. Since my rice cooker update, macam² berlaku. Month of Feb was not a good month for us too. Sebabnya the kids down with fever and to make matter worse, they were both hospitalised on 1/3 - 5/3 due to viral fever. Although that happened in March tapi macam Aariq, dia dah start on and off cough since that CNY week lagi. Time tu jugak la start teething, imagine macam 6 gigi naik serentak. Upper Teeth - Canine and First Molar. Lower Teeth - Lateral Incisor, Canine and First Molar. All at one go.

Mild fever, then cough, then siap package mild diarrhea because of teething. Before he turns 1 dulu, fever mmg jarang but naik 1 yr old, kerap jugak. But it's normal, according to Google. Sebab time ni la nak build antibody and all. Final blow end of Feb la bila Mika pon demam, high fever. Siap kena neb lagi. You know la Mika dia jenis tak reti duduk diam, active semacam. Time demam tu mmg terbaring je, not him. Kesian tengok. Fever + cough teruk. Aariq time tu baru nak baik, terus demam balik hence the hospital visit early March. Anyways, this is just an intro. I'm going to back track the posts as usual. Harap rajin la and time permits. Super busy kat office now. Later!

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