Friday, February 8, 2013

speedy recovery everyone!

I took EL today sebab Aariq cough sangat teruk. He was unwell last week coz of stomach flu tapi not as bad as the first time. No vomitting just mild diarrhea and lasted for several days tapi early this week slight fever and Thursday started cough pulak but no fever. So took him to the clinic again today and second visit for the week, third in two weeks! The first visit this week, doc prescribed him an antibiotic to be used on third day if the fever is still there but Alhamdulillah, no fever just cough. So the 2nd visit doc prescribed him cough, inflammation, phlegm and lung pills to clear the airway. We thought of bringing him today too sebab nya nanti nak CNY, clinic will be closed.

Hubby WFH today and he also baru recover from bad flu. To make matter worse, my sis was admitted to SDMC yesterday due to terrible headache. She has history of sinus and that might triggered the headache. Anyways, she's doing fine..nothing serious there. Budak tu admitted herself. Drove to SDMC herself and straight to ER. Tak inform I langsung padahal satu office and she was in the office yesterday. Dut oh dut..nasib tak jadi apa masa drive tu. Minggu sakit la this week. Aariq dah la jenis jarang sakit tapi dah nak sakit kan. Hopefully everything goes well and next month is sick free month for everyone sebab nak travel, In Shaa Allah.

my handsome boy with traditional attire to school today

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