Sunday, February 10, 2013

seoul garden

Supposed to go to BM for lunch tapi my MIL asked to come next weekend sebab nak celebrate birthday PIL. OK, change of plan then. Went out with my siblings for lunch at Setia Mall. They wanted to eat at Seoul Garden, ok jom. Lunch went well lagi best sebab Mika pon behave. Elok je dia tolong masak and also makan but only fried rice and rice je la. Then uncle Joi dia rajin layan. Bila Aariq besar sikit baru boleh ikut yer..mall macam empty which is good tapi shops open la. Sempat la shop for the kids' clothes.

mika being mika 
kenyang face  
punch aunty Zira 
psst..i want to tell you something - ernie
mika looks like he's blushing
iRobot ke apa nama benda ni 
RM 5 for 5 minutes x 2..errkkk
stuffs i managed to grab from H&M

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