Saturday, February 2, 2013

not much of activity

On Saturday, did nothing much in the morning sebab hubby went to KL with a friend to get his stuffs. So duduk la rumah that afternoon with Mika asking me to assemble his robot. I'm not good with manual instructions tapi nasib la robot senang. Kalau tak buat malu je tak tahu buat..tadaa..nah the robot..

Later that evening, we went out for dinner at nearby warung. Tak la nearby mana pon, in USJ to be more specific. Bawak Aariq sekali sebab selalu kena tinggal, kesian pulak. Nak balik tu dari jauh dengar ada voice "Baby boyyyyy..." I thought my imagination je sebab anak neighbour memang suka panggil Aariq baby boy..rupa² nya they were there also. The two girls with their dad. So cute la especially the 4 yr old. The elder sister is 7, Mika 5, the little sister is 4 and Aariq is 2 :)

food tak sampai lagi dah baca doa and Amin 

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