Saturday, February 9, 2013


Had breakfast at our fav restaurant and Abah joined us. Mika follow Tok Bah to fetch Aunty Zira from SDMC. Discharge day. Knowing Mika mesti tak lama la dia nak tahan, Tok Mi pon tak follow and normally the discharge process kan lama. Kebetulan hubby nak hantar his car for service, I drove my car and dropped his car at the service centre there. We then went to SDMC to fetch Mika and headed to Parade. Did nothing much, lunch pon tak sebab still full from breakfast. Time nak balik, my mom called asked me to check on my sister coz she accidentally lost her iPad at the hospital. To cut long story short, the so-called thief, returned the iPad to the security guard after 2 hours kot. So dapat la balik iPad or else kena buat police report. Lunch at my mom's and that evening just lepak je sebab Aariq recovering kan. Only bawak dia out for a ride.

my unwell baby 
my happy go lucky baby 
here wishing happy CNY to those celebrating!

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