Thursday, February 28, 2013

double trouble

On 28th Feb, I had to take EL sebab both kids down with fever. Tak sedap hati sangat nak pergi kerja bila tengok they all in that condition. I boleh rasa something not right sebab normally if fever pon, takde la terbaring je they all ni. Ni cam high fever sgt. Tapi sebab both on antibiotics, Mika day 3, Aariq day 1 kot and you have to wait at least 24 - 48 hrs for the antibiotics to work, I tunggu la tapi ada sikit risau sebab on day 3, takde perubahan sangat pon for Mika. So sad to see my kids yang usually bising happy, diam dan terbaring macam tu je.

my two unwell babies. first time both felt sick at the same time

Demam on off macam tu. Aariq meragam je la..asyik nak I or bibik pegang. Pantang kena tinggal. Makan pon sikit sangat. Milk pon dia kurang minum. Mika milk still minum, makan kurang. That evening, we brought Mika to the clinic sebab doc suruh neb 3 times and Thursday is the 3rd time. Jumpa doc dia cakap not to worry sebab fever dah turun, phlegm pon dah clear sikit. We did ask him if Mika needs to be admitted, dia cakap no need. Hmmmm..balik rumah, fever naik balik which is not good at all. Aariq pon sama. That night, dua beradik la demam. I jaga Aariq, hubby jaga Mika and we slept in different rooms :( Actually I dah rasa nak bawak they all gi hosp but hubby said, jumpa doc dekat clinic dulu and see how. Should have follow my instinct. Mother knows best, kan?

neb day-1
neb day-2
sampai tertidur my baby ni

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