Thursday, February 28, 2013

double trouble

On 28th Feb, I had to take EL sebab both kids down with fever. Tak sedap hati sangat nak pergi kerja bila tengok they all in that condition. I boleh rasa something not right sebab normally if fever pon, takde la terbaring je they all ni. Ni cam high fever sgt. Tapi sebab both on antibiotics, Mika day 3, Aariq day 1 kot and you have to wait at least 24 - 48 hrs for the antibiotics to work, I tunggu la tapi ada sikit risau sebab on day 3, takde perubahan sangat pon for Mika. So sad to see my kids yang usually bising happy, diam dan terbaring macam tu je.

my two unwell babies. first time both felt sick at the same time

Demam on off macam tu. Aariq meragam je la..asyik nak I or bibik pegang. Pantang kena tinggal. Makan pon sikit sangat. Milk pon dia kurang minum. Mika milk still minum, makan kurang. That evening, we brought Mika to the clinic sebab doc suruh neb 3 times and Thursday is the 3rd time. Jumpa doc dia cakap not to worry sebab fever dah turun, phlegm pon dah clear sikit. We did ask him if Mika needs to be admitted, dia cakap no need. Hmmmm..balik rumah, fever naik balik which is not good at all. Aariq pon sama. That night, dua beradik la demam. I jaga Aariq, hubby jaga Mika and we slept in different rooms :( Actually I dah rasa nak bawak they all gi hosp but hubby said, jumpa doc dekat clinic dulu and see how. Should have follow my instinct. Mother knows best, kan?

neb day-1
neb day-2
sampai tertidur my baby ni

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

mini rice cooker

A colleague recommended me this..a mini rice cooker. Will come handy for travel later. Porridge Aariq senang je masak dalam ni :) Also can serve up to 3 serving kot for rice. Yet to test that one out.

Inayou 1.1L Mini Rice Cooker

Monday, February 11, 2013

on CNY

Aariq is recovering well. Still ada cough tapi getting better. Tak macam on Friday dia cough + nangis + cough lagi sebab nangis. My heart breaks to see him in that condition. Bertambah ceria gaks. My maid off day is today, she left around 9.30am. I masak simple lunch sebab Mika request nak makan nasi dan sup. OK, terus masak sup sayur carrot + suhun (betul ke ni?) + fucuk + potato, goreng ikan bawal dan sambal sotong. Aariq rejected the porridge so suap dia sekali makan with Mika nasi with sup + fish, laju pulak makan.

In the evening, we went to Tesco, saja jalan² bawak the kids. Naik ride, naik trolley. We avoid going to the big malls sebab Aariq is recovering. Tahpau dinner at Pelita nasi kandar and went back home. Masa hubby and I tengah bagi Aariq makan ubat, Mika ran into the kitchen then tengok² dia dah jatuh terbaring straight. I think Aariq spilled his water on the floor then slippery la. Kesian tengok Mika sebab jatuh macam tuh. Jatuh terlentang. Mesti sakit punya sebab Mika if jatuh, jarang sangat nangis unless betul² sakit (tapi if lain² selalu je nangis :P) Monitor dia gaks that night, tengok ada vomit ke apa but Alhamdulillah..he's ok. Terus rasa nak carpet the whole house tapi nanti, habuk pulak. At night, hubby and I watched TWD and Spartacus. Best gaks bila maid takde, privacy is ours!

high on milk
mommy is so comot. tak mandi pon, terus keluar
memang harap sangat tak bump into anyone 
pilih ride yang dua² boleh naik
mika pon nak naik ride yang aariq boleh naik tapi berebut la kalau ada yang steering tu 
both in the trolley
aariq tak nak duduk sebab nak join mika berdiri  
happy kids = happy parents 
mika guarding his brother tight

Sunday, February 10, 2013

seoul garden

Supposed to go to BM for lunch tapi my MIL asked to come next weekend sebab nak celebrate birthday PIL. OK, change of plan then. Went out with my siblings for lunch at Setia Mall. They wanted to eat at Seoul Garden, ok jom. Lunch went well lagi best sebab Mika pon behave. Elok je dia tolong masak and also makan but only fried rice and rice je la. Then uncle Joi dia rajin layan. Bila Aariq besar sikit baru boleh ikut yer..mall macam empty which is good tapi shops open la. Sempat la shop for the kids' clothes.

mika being mika 
kenyang face  
punch aunty Zira 
psst..i want to tell you something - ernie
mika looks like he's blushing
iRobot ke apa nama benda ni 
RM 5 for 5 minutes x 2..errkkk
stuffs i managed to grab from H&M

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Had breakfast at our fav restaurant and Abah joined us. Mika follow Tok Bah to fetch Aunty Zira from SDMC. Discharge day. Knowing Mika mesti tak lama la dia nak tahan, Tok Mi pon tak follow and normally the discharge process kan lama. Kebetulan hubby nak hantar his car for service, I drove my car and dropped his car at the service centre there. We then went to SDMC to fetch Mika and headed to Parade. Did nothing much, lunch pon tak sebab still full from breakfast. Time nak balik, my mom called asked me to check on my sister coz she accidentally lost her iPad at the hospital. To cut long story short, the so-called thief, returned the iPad to the security guard after 2 hours kot. So dapat la balik iPad or else kena buat police report. Lunch at my mom's and that evening just lepak je sebab Aariq recovering kan. Only bawak dia out for a ride.

my unwell baby 
my happy go lucky baby 
here wishing happy CNY to those celebrating!

Friday, February 8, 2013

speedy recovery everyone!

I took EL today sebab Aariq cough sangat teruk. He was unwell last week coz of stomach flu tapi not as bad as the first time. No vomitting just mild diarrhea and lasted for several days tapi early this week slight fever and Thursday started cough pulak but no fever. So took him to the clinic again today and second visit for the week, third in two weeks! The first visit this week, doc prescribed him an antibiotic to be used on third day if the fever is still there but Alhamdulillah, no fever just cough. So the 2nd visit doc prescribed him cough, inflammation, phlegm and lung pills to clear the airway. We thought of bringing him today too sebab nya nanti nak CNY, clinic will be closed.

Hubby WFH today and he also baru recover from bad flu. To make matter worse, my sis was admitted to SDMC yesterday due to terrible headache. She has history of sinus and that might triggered the headache. Anyways, she's doing fine..nothing serious there. Budak tu admitted herself. Drove to SDMC herself and straight to ER. Tak inform I langsung padahal satu office and she was in the office yesterday. Dut oh dut..nasib tak jadi apa masa drive tu. Minggu sakit la this week. Aariq dah la jenis jarang sakit tapi dah nak sakit kan. Hopefully everything goes well and next month is sick free month for everyone sebab nak travel, In Shaa Allah.

my handsome boy with traditional attire to school today

Thursday, February 7, 2013

online deal stole

I bought these magnets from Photo Delivery via one of the online deals. They are with me, even at work :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

ordinary sunday

Sunday morning teman hubby to KL sebab he still needs to settle his stuffs there. Pergi² kedai tutup so masih tak settle that day. Lunch at Sogo and orang punya la ramai. Nasib tak bawak Aariq sebab memang plan nak bawak dia mula². Sale everywhere also nak CNY ramai la orang bershopping. We reached home around 3. Rest for a while and later in the evening took the kids to mom's sebab Mika nak berendam in the pool. Tu pon dah lewat petang dan dapat few minutes je berendam. 

tunggu daddy sambil makan 


Saturday, February 2, 2013

not much of activity

On Saturday, did nothing much in the morning sebab hubby went to KL with a friend to get his stuffs. So duduk la rumah that afternoon with Mika asking me to assemble his robot. I'm not good with manual instructions tapi nasib la robot senang. Kalau tak buat malu je tak tahu buat..tadaa..nah the robot..

Later that evening, we went out for dinner at nearby warung. Tak la nearby mana pon, in USJ to be more specific. Bawak Aariq sekali sebab selalu kena tinggal, kesian pulak. Nak balik tu dari jauh dengar ada voice "Baby boyyyyy..." I thought my imagination je sebab anak neighbour memang suka panggil Aariq baby boy..rupa² nya they were there also. The two girls with their dad. So cute la especially the 4 yr old. The elder sister is 7, Mika 5, the little sister is 4 and Aariq is 2 :)

food tak sampai lagi dah baca doa and Amin 

Friday, February 1, 2013

something nice to watch

Hubby was out that Friday night and that night takde pulak movie or cerita yang best to I opted to watch this movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting". Best la. I love it :) Romantic comedy tapi more about parents-to-be and also their journey to parenthood. Dah la the actors semua best². A good movie to watch and I can actually relate it with my real life experience. Siap ada scene touching² and I'm so glad hubby is not around. Boleh la nak emotional :P So if you are wondering on what movie to watch, this one is a good recommendation. Light funny movie but there'a message in there.

see some familiar faces? 
guys with strollers and cute is that?