Monday, January 28, 2013

working Monday

It's a working Monday for me. So not cool to be at work when everyone else is enjoying another day off. Long weekend for those who took leave on Friday as last Thursday was another public holiday too. Anyways, fret weekend went well with the loved ones. The advantage of working in Cyber is that most of the offices here are on 24/7 so there are always people around and work is BAU for most of the MNCs here. I'm working for an Aussie's company and we do observe Malaysia's public holiday but not for this particular one. We also have night shift which cater for US but this one is totally a different one as they follow US work hours and holidays. I predict a quiet day today. Aussie is on public holiday (even them got to be on PH). No teleconference with the editors (meeting is scheduled every Monday morning) and my calendar is free. I will take this as ME time.

One thing is worrying me is that Aariq is unwell. He was tossing around on the bed last night. Turned out he has fever and mild diarrhea. Going to monitor him today. If he is still unwell, going to bring him to the clinic tonight. Not sure of the cause. Could it be another round of stomach flu? :( The kids are all at mom's as hubby needs to go to the office too for training but he can claim for a replacement. Some photos taken during the weekend.

why la Mikhail? 
otw to Pyramid with the boys 
two push cars...a good exercise for mommy and daddy
of course i chose the lighter one :P 
dinner at cozy corner, Ampang Park with the Azizs :)

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