Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hubby's birthday kan fall on a weekday and it was on a Tuesday pulak tuh..so memang tak celebrate kat mana² pon. I memang diam je that day and also the days after sebab nya ada surprise waiting for him on Sunday. That's why no cake, no birthday song and all. Save for Sunday. If I jadi dia sure dah mengamuk dah..tapi dia nampak ok je..nampak je la. Tapi sure dia mesti ada terasa hati kot sebab no celebration at all. That Sunday kebetulan ramai pulak orang kat rumah my mom sebabnya mak² dan mak mereka mahu ke Langkawi for 4D3N holiday the next day. Memang meriah and also sebab Tok Mak's sister with family dropped by that day. My uncle with his family pon ada, best. Hubby memang tak suspect apa² and he thought it was someone else's birthday tapi our family mostly end of the year babies :) The surprise went well and I have to thank everyone for being so sporting that day and also for coming. Hubby looks so contented and I could tell that he likes the surprise very much. Love you sayang!

choc cake with marshmallow on top
even a non-choc eater like me had to agree that this cake is delicious 


siti norsarah Aminuddin said...

Hi Rafiza...

Slm kenal..lawatan dari blog cerita Bonda :)

i dok kat putra bahagia 8/3

kiranya we live in the same neighbourhood. kalau jumpa kat speedmart boleh la hye hye u :)

raF|za said...

siti norsarah,

oh memang neighbour sgt, i dekat laman putra, seksyen 7. respect la u can handle 4 kids at one go. i 2 pon dah kelam kabut. keep in touch ok.