Saturday, January 12, 2013

run boys run

Early Saturday morning, brought the kids jalan². Weather pon best. Off we went to the park behind our house. Good thing about my area's gated. So tak la risau if the kids main tepi jalan. Dulu yes, sebab belum buat lagi fence ni.

kejar Mika
time ni tengah usha someone

Done with that, my parents dropped by and we went for breakfast. Hubby not usual..bola. Ok nvm, as long as dia balik nanti we all keluar ok la :) That morning I sort Mika's old clothes and Aariq's baby clothes..Mika old ones Aariq boleh pakai..ada 2 large containers the clothes. Some of them tak pakai pon lagi. Even baju² jalan semua macam baru. Lucky you Aariq! Mommy pon lucky gaks, save nak spend on new clothes. Just buy for Mika je. Tapi knowing me, sure ada la tersesat satu dua baju baru for Aariq. Ok gaks two boys..stuffs boleh recycle. Some I letgo to my cousin tapi mostly I simpan sebab masih baru. If ada the third one, pakai je la baju² baby tu regardless boy or girl. Third one?? Let me catch my breath kejap

more in the wardrobe 
kids' lunch today 

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