Friday, January 4, 2013

pneumococcal jab done!

Took Aariq for his last dose of Pneumococcal (not sure of the spelling though..too lazy too google) jab. I did mention earlier that his check up book hilang kan, we got the new one already. Boleh request kalau hilang and nurse Ana memang baik copy kan all the data back. I got all the data tapi the only thing missing is his tiny footprints..alaa..yg tu takde. Takpela at least the details are there. Aariq cried masa jab..mmg nampak sakit pon and this time dekat peha kanan. Done with check-up went to IOI mall. Alang² keluar, keluar terus la kan but bagi Aariq fever med dulu as recommended by the doc. We tahpau some tako tao dan balik. Itu saja. Best nya jalan time orang kerja..still in holiday mood.

my 10 kg boy :)

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