Wednesday, January 16, 2013

online deals

These online deals memang sangat dangerous. Nampak stuffs yang rasa menarik je, cepat betul click BUY. If you asked me a year ago what is this online deal, I memang have no idea on what it is about. Tapi banyak la deal yang mmg save. To date, I have 5 items more to be received. Ada yang tunggu deal finish, ada yang boleh send straightaway but whatever it is, I always ensure that the delivery charge is free or included. Tak berbaloi la if the item you are buying price lagi murah or dah nak sama with the delivery charge kan? To those yang belum pernah check out, sila checkout but I'm warning you..once you dah tahu about the deals and all, hari² la you nak checkout :)

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