Monday, January 7, 2013

on school

So Mika is in Pre 2 now..nama kelas Pre 2 Jasmine..girlish sikit nama dia. I guess this year baru nak start belajar betul². Last year more like an introduction and to master basic skills. This year kalau tengok from experience orang lain dah start ada homework. I sebenarnya ada plan nak hantar dia to Brainy Bunch. Kebetulan ada one branch kat One City, USJ which is very near to Putra Avenue. Tapi I dah pay his semester fee 2 months before school ends lagi and just found out about this BB end of last year. Ingat lambat lagi bukak coz the place belum fully complete. We'll see how kot² 2nd semester nak tukar ke..but need to see his progress also. Kalau ok, maintain la..if not, then have to find other school. Last year macam a good year for Mika. From takut masuk pool dah berani. From takut nak socialise with other kids, dah berani gaks. He was chosen to be his class spokesperson time concert and his teacher said he has no issue mixing around with other we'll see how la. Now baru day 3, still liat lagi nak ke sekolah. Will give him time to adjust.

time table for this year

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