Saturday, January 12, 2013

no idea on the title..boleh?

Later that evening we went to IOI mall sebab Mika request. Ok, jom la. Tak bawak Aariq sebab ingat nak dinner at somewhere nice tapi end up makan dkt fav place Mika..AP la apa lagi. Tapi tak rasa guilty tinggalkan Aariq sebab my parents, bro and sis came to my house and played with him. Some might ask why I selalu tak bawak dia tapi it's quite difficult la to handle two boys at one go lagi² kalau nak eat out. If keluar jalan² je I don't mind. The maid selalu I tak bawak keluar sebab she will clean the house if all of us keluar. Mika sometimes ok, most of the times ada la buat hal, end up nanti I emo terus tak best. Get it? :D

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