Thursday, January 3, 2013

going to school day 2

Day 2 for school today. No half day leave today, asked hubby to monitor him and again, ada la drama tak nak pergi school tuh but still pergi and balik still ceria. Mom took him to her house after school and petang tuh bila balik rumah, tengok my mom dah siap² hantar Mika balik.

this boy as usual, busybody gaks bila mika nak pergi school 
next yr pon maybe i dah hantar dia
tengah emo tapi masih boleh posing

Actually ada incident happened that day. Ada landslide/mudslide at Putra Heights and jalan yang affected to my usual road if balik from my mom's house. Even sometimes petang², hubby and I will follow that road to go to the other side or out from PH. Alhamdulillah, hari tu memang tak ikut jalan tu and my mom tergerak hati nak hantar Mika balik dulu. Dah la time jadi, the same time I selalu lalu. Though it's not major tapi kalau kena, sure phobia la jugak looking at the state of the cars. Thank God no fatality. Lagi nak buat rumah atas tuh..btw, developer not UEP.

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