Tuesday, January 1, 2013

first day of 2013

It's 2013 already..how time flies. Alhamdulillah still breathing and most importantly to be surrounded by the loved ones. So new year..new resolution? Nahhh..I don't believe in resolution. If nak something, make sure I'm going to get it..so this year I want to wear my old pants yang elok tersusun satu stack dlm wardrobe tuh. Takkan la nak buat perhiasan kot? Though I doubt it sebab mostly size kecik..which is 24 tapi time lepas dapat Mika masih muat so no excuse for this time kan? In Shaa Allah. Meh tengok dapat ke tak..akan dinilai by end of this year :) On New Year, konon tak nak pergi mana² tapi sebab tak beli lagi stationery Mika, so I ajak la hubby to Mydin..Mydin je sebab senang dan tau..kalau pergi situ, situ je la mana boleh pergi tempat lain kan. Tapi telah gagal sebab we went to Pyramid after that to check out some stuffs. Still tak dapat lagi stuffs tuh, went to Parade pulak..baru 1st day of 2013 dah productive. Tak beli apa pon, stuffs for hubby and Mika je.

Aariq as usual, if nak cari barang memang we prefer not to bring him 

 boys will be boys..mommy layankan je
 taken later in the evening
that's our dinner..senang, cepat dan mengenyangkan

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