Monday, January 28, 2013

working Monday

It's a working Monday for me. So not cool to be at work when everyone else is enjoying another day off. Long weekend for those who took leave on Friday as last Thursday was another public holiday too. Anyways, fret weekend went well with the loved ones. The advantage of working in Cyber is that most of the offices here are on 24/7 so there are always people around and work is BAU for most of the MNCs here. I'm working for an Aussie's company and we do observe Malaysia's public holiday but not for this particular one. We also have night shift which cater for US but this one is totally a different one as they follow US work hours and holidays. I predict a quiet day today. Aussie is on public holiday (even them got to be on PH). No teleconference with the editors (meeting is scheduled every Monday morning) and my calendar is free. I will take this as ME time.

One thing is worrying me is that Aariq is unwell. He was tossing around on the bed last night. Turned out he has fever and mild diarrhea. Going to monitor him today. If he is still unwell, going to bring him to the clinic tonight. Not sure of the cause. Could it be another round of stomach flu? :( The kids are all at mom's as hubby needs to go to the office too for training but he can claim for a replacement. Some photos taken during the weekend.

why la Mikhail? 
otw to Pyramid with the boys 
two push cars...a good exercise for mommy and daddy
of course i chose the lighter one :P 
dinner at cozy corner, Ampang Park with the Azizs :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

play time

One evening when I got back from work, I picked up the kids and brought them to mom's. Saja la bawak pusing² and at the same time nak dinner. Umi masak ikan masak kicap..rugi tak datang! Played with the kids sambil suap Aariq makan. True rumah my mom dekat tapi takde la every evening I kat situ. Tengok masa dan keadaan sebab I jenis segan² gaks (entah papa kan, ngan mak sendiri pon nak segan²). Usually after work memang ada play time with the kids. Kat rumah or nearby park or pusing².

 aunty zira took these pics..terus i letak jadi header
mika as always suka je pose pelik²

Thursday, January 17, 2013

menu for the kids

Sejak Aariq dah makan macam², pagi² sure kena masak dulu. Well Mika dulu ada menu default..hari² lauk sama yer. Now Mika dah pandai nak makan macam², thanks to bibik yang dok train dia makan. Mika ni fussy eater. Makan kena pujuk T____T apala..makan pon kena pujuk, makan je la. If hantar anak to daycare, bab² makan no need to worry much sebab food provided and they will have to eat la regardless what. Dan selalu makan sure meriah sebab makan ramai² rebut² ngan kawan. Tapi now dah duduk rumah, if tak masak apa² tak makan la jawabnya. Aariq pon kecik lagi nak rebut² tapi now dah nampak la if I suap Mika ada je dia datang sibuk² pastu cakap "Naakkk"

Ada pros and cons. Pros sebab I boleh prepare the menu..cons sebab I bukan la creative sangat bab² masak ni, so menu pon ulang² tapi at least ulang by week la. Daily will try menu lain². So far the kids makan and I will ask bibik to ensure that they eat rice/porridge first before they ask for other things. Dah makan nasi, nak makan benda lain makan la. Bibik cakap sometimes Mika makan kat luar rumah sama dengan anak neighbour. Makan menu lain² tapi bibik sebelah suap girl tu, bibik suap sekali Mika. Menu so far this week - chicken kurma + sup sayur, ayam goreng (actually i masak ikan singgang tapi terelebih asam so jadi masam, terus suruh bibik jangan bagi the kids makan. so menu tukar ke ayam goreng) + sup sayur, gulai labu masak lemak + ikan goreng masak kicap and today sup ayam. Had to rush to cook this morning sebab ada meeting at 7.30am. Esok nak masak apa pulak hah? Tom yam tapi tak pedas ok gaks kan? We'll see how. Now I'm hungry..1/2 hr more to go for lunch.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

online deals

These online deals memang sangat dangerous. Nampak stuffs yang rasa menarik je, cepat betul click BUY. If you asked me a year ago what is this online deal, I memang have no idea on what it is about. Tapi banyak la deal yang mmg save. To date, I have 5 items more to be received. Ada yang tunggu deal finish, ada yang boleh send straightaway but whatever it is, I always ensure that the delivery charge is free or included. Tak berbaloi la if the item you are buying price lagi murah or dah nak sama with the delivery charge kan? To those yang belum pernah check out, sila checkout but I'm warning you..once you dah tahu about the deals and all, hari² la you nak checkout :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hubby's birthday kan fall on a weekday and it was on a Tuesday pulak memang tak celebrate kat mana² pon. I memang diam je that day and also the days after sebab nya ada surprise waiting for him on Sunday. That's why no cake, no birthday song and all. Save for Sunday. If I jadi dia sure dah mengamuk dah..tapi dia nampak ok je..nampak je la. Tapi sure dia mesti ada terasa hati kot sebab no celebration at all. That Sunday kebetulan ramai pulak orang kat rumah my mom sebabnya mak² dan mak mereka mahu ke Langkawi for 4D3N holiday the next day. Memang meriah and also sebab Tok Mak's sister with family dropped by that day. My uncle with his family pon ada, best. Hubby memang tak suspect apa² and he thought it was someone else's birthday tapi our family mostly end of the year babies :) The surprise went well and I have to thank everyone for being so sporting that day and also for coming. Hubby looks so contented and I could tell that he likes the surprise very much. Love you sayang!

choc cake with marshmallow on top
even a non-choc eater like me had to agree that this cake is delicious 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

no idea on the title..boleh?

Later that evening we went to IOI mall sebab Mika request. Ok, jom la. Tak bawak Aariq sebab ingat nak dinner at somewhere nice tapi end up makan dkt fav place Mika..AP la apa lagi. Tapi tak rasa guilty tinggalkan Aariq sebab my parents, bro and sis came to my house and played with him. Some might ask why I selalu tak bawak dia tapi it's quite difficult la to handle two boys at one go lagi² kalau nak eat out. If keluar jalan² je I don't mind. The maid selalu I tak bawak keluar sebab she will clean the house if all of us keluar. Mika sometimes ok, most of the times ada la buat hal, end up nanti I emo terus tak best. Get it? :D

run boys run

Early Saturday morning, brought the kids jalan². Weather pon best. Off we went to the park behind our house. Good thing about my area's gated. So tak la risau if the kids main tepi jalan. Dulu yes, sebab belum buat lagi fence ni.

kejar Mika
time ni tengah usha someone

Done with that, my parents dropped by and we went for breakfast. Hubby not usual..bola. Ok nvm, as long as dia balik nanti we all keluar ok la :) That morning I sort Mika's old clothes and Aariq's baby clothes..Mika old ones Aariq boleh pakai..ada 2 large containers the clothes. Some of them tak pakai pon lagi. Even baju² jalan semua macam baru. Lucky you Aariq! Mommy pon lucky gaks, save nak spend on new clothes. Just buy for Mika je. Tapi knowing me, sure ada la tersesat satu dua baju baru for Aariq. Ok gaks two boys..stuffs boleh recycle. Some I letgo to my cousin tapi mostly I simpan sebab masih baru. If ada the third one, pakai je la baju² baby tu regardless boy or girl. Third one?? Let me catch my breath kejap

more in the wardrobe 
kids' lunch today 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

tantrum tak habis²

Mika betul² menguji kesabaran mommy and daddy dia this morning. Nak pergi school this morning dia buat drama yang macam eh kenapa kamu jadi teruk sangat ni?? Dah la tu, dia minum Milo, tertumpah..dah tumpah dia nak jalan tergelincir la jatuh so basah baju kena Milo. Bila dah jadi, memang suara I volume max la keluar. No control² sebab dah terlebih sabar kan..suara je la tinggi.

To make matter worse, dia ada satu je baju sport. So terpaksa la pakai kan tshirt biasa je. Mika mika..perlu ke nak buat drama pagi²? I memang dah malas nak layan so takkan pujuk punya unless I kesian sangat baru la I pujuk. He needs to learn. Tahu la baru 4 tahun..tapi I rasa dulu tak pernah la tunjuk perasaan tak nak pergi school ke apa. Masa kindy, my school jauh..parents awal² pagi dah pergi office and will drop me off at babysitter. Naik la bas..balik pon naik bas. Sama la age ngan Mika ni hah. Ni ikut siapa ni? Daddy ke? hahaha..i kecik² disiplin (ni mak saya cakap, bukan masuk bakul angkat bakul sendiri yer) Now tell me camna caranya nak bagi Mika ni tak buat drama? Pujuk berkesan kejap je, pastu buat hal balik. I just hope that this is a phase and will last for this week, ok la paling lama 2 minggu. Nanti update lagi, later!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

happy birthday to darling husband

8/1/13 - Happy Birthday to my dearest husband! The earliest in the family to celebrate birthday every year :) Semoga panjang umur dan di murahkan lagi rezeki. Another year older means another year tak? May Allah bless you and our family always. Love you so much!

Oh this video is not related at all but one of the days when hubby brought the kids to the park. I wasn't there to witness aariq took his first slide which according to hubby, dah slide ke berapa dah but if i were there, memang i yang akan sibuk² pegang aariq turun slide tuh. Over protective mommy ni..tengok hubby, ok je boleh record and all. Aariq pon siap gelak² lagi

Monday, January 7, 2013

on school

So Mika is in Pre 2 now..nama kelas Pre 2 Jasmine..girlish sikit nama dia. I guess this year baru nak start belajar betul². Last year more like an introduction and to master basic skills. This year kalau tengok from experience orang lain dah start ada homework. I sebenarnya ada plan nak hantar dia to Brainy Bunch. Kebetulan ada one branch kat One City, USJ which is very near to Putra Avenue. Tapi I dah pay his semester fee 2 months before school ends lagi and just found out about this BB end of last year. Ingat lambat lagi bukak coz the place belum fully complete. We'll see how kot² 2nd semester nak tukar ke..but need to see his progress also. Kalau ok, maintain la..if not, then have to find other school. Last year macam a good year for Mika. From takut masuk pool dah berani. From takut nak socialise with other kids, dah berani gaks. He was chosen to be his class spokesperson time concert and his teacher said he has no issue mixing around with other we'll see how la. Now baru day 3, still liat lagi nak ke sekolah. Will give him time to adjust.

time table for this year

Sunday, January 6, 2013

first sunday of 2013

Ok, promise no more first lagi as the subject. Haha..sebenarnya no idea nak tulis apa. Sunday morning hubby ada bola. Dah jadi rutin..tak hari Sabtu, Ahad la. So I bought some nasi lemak and went to mom's for breakfast. Stay kejap tolong masak sikit² then balik rumah balik. Mika tolong mommy basuh kereta sebab my car tersangat la kotor. Nak pergi kedai tapi full so basuh sendiri je la. Hubby still tak balik lagi and once dia balik, we went to mom's again sebab nak kutip lauk for lunch. Tapi tengok my mom dah siap hidang semua, makan terus la. I had the best ikan patin dish today courtesy from aunty Mummy (mom's sister). Sedap menjilat jari. Only my mom and I je layan, hubby makan sikit. Yang lain not a fan. Suapkan Mika nasi with kari and sup sayur dengan Aariq sekali join. Later in the evening we went to Bkt Mahkota for tea pulak. Ada meehoon goreng, goreng pisang dan karipap and tahpau satay Hj Samuri on the way back. Perfect Sunday.

breakfast bersama ikan²
ni la gulai ikan patin tuh..siapa cakap tak sedap hah? 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

first saturday of 2013

Sebab banyak sangat cuti, rasa macam dah banyak kali keluar je. True la they said Dec is Friday of the year tapi ni dah Jan pon masih rasa malas. Maybe next week onwards baru start rajin kot :) That morning sempat la I masak food Aariq while hubby took the boys out to the park. Oh yes..Aariq jatuh tersembam atas lantai lepas balik dari park. Dia kan suka lari..then tak balance jatuh la. This time bleeding..huwaaa..sedihnya. Nasib tak kena gigi..upper lips kot injured. Panic sebab first time and ada darah..kesian sbb nampak dia pegang mulut dia lepas jatuh. Tak bengkak..pheww..dah la baru lepas jab, jatuh pulak tu.

these two kittens yang selalu jadi mangsa geram Aariq
not ours tapi selalu datang

I went to collect my IC that morning dan sangat puas hati dengan service JPN, Shah Alam. Cepat dan kaunter banyak. Tak sure if hari lain memang cepat macam ni tapi senang la sini. Brunch at Pelita though rasa still awal nak balik, tapi balik la..tak tahu nak pergi mana dah.

errr..semangat kamu ni

Later in the evening, went to mom's for tea. Berkumpul with the duts and all dan gossip. Memang best. Aariq tak cukup tidur so dia agak cranky petang tu plus badan suam² effect from jab tuh so we left by 7pm. We had only maggi goreng for dinner top up with nuggets. Tuh pon bibik siap² goreng dan nak pass to hubby kat atas sebab yang bagi order adalah hubby, I pergi tidurkan the kids. I tinggal buat maggi goreng je. Thank God for the extra pair of hands.

this boy took the ipad from me sebab i tak pandai main
siap cakap "mommy jagakan cookies mika, biar mika main" 
ni pon sama..pantang nampak ipad..mesti cakap nakkkk..pastu cat.. 
done with dinner kita tengok American Horror Story II 

Friday, January 4, 2013

pneumococcal jab done!

Took Aariq for his last dose of Pneumococcal (not sure of the spelling though..too lazy too google) jab. I did mention earlier that his check up book hilang kan, we got the new one already. Boleh request kalau hilang and nurse Ana memang baik copy kan all the data back. I got all the data tapi the only thing missing is his tiny footprints..alaa..yg tu takde. Takpela at least the details are there. Aariq cried masa jab..mmg nampak sakit pon and this time dekat peha kanan. Done with check-up went to IOI mall. Alang² keluar, keluar terus la kan but bagi Aariq fever med dulu as recommended by the doc. We tahpau some tako tao dan balik. Itu saja. Best nya jalan time orang kerja..still in holiday mood.

my 10 kg boy :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

going to school day 2

Day 2 for school today. No half day leave today, asked hubby to monitor him and again, ada la drama tak nak pergi school tuh but still pergi and balik still ceria. Mom took him to her house after school and petang tuh bila balik rumah, tengok my mom dah siap² hantar Mika balik.

this boy as usual, busybody gaks bila mika nak pergi school 
next yr pon maybe i dah hantar dia
tengah emo tapi masih boleh posing

Actually ada incident happened that day. Ada landslide/mudslide at Putra Heights and jalan yang affected to my usual road if balik from my mom's house. Even sometimes petang², hubby and I will follow that road to go to the other side or out from PH. Alhamdulillah, hari tu memang tak ikut jalan tu and my mom tergerak hati nak hantar Mika balik dulu. Dah la time jadi, the same time I selalu lalu. Though it's not major tapi kalau kena, sure phobia la jugak looking at the state of the cars. Thank God no fatality. Lagi nak buat rumah atas tuh..btw, developer not UEP.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

first day of school

Mika started school today. Gosh lepas 2 months on holiday, susah nya nak pujuk mamat ni pergi school. I took half day today sebab nak monitor him. Hubby tak half day pon takpe, dia anytime can go to office. Still the same school, same teacher, same friends and same transport. Good la kan? Class dia dah tukar to upper level tapi I macam takut gaks sebab kena naik tangga and all. Jangan la budak² ni main tepi tangga ke apa. Time pre-1 best sebab at ground floor then macam sejuk je class tu (tepi pool). Eh ni mak nak sekolah ke anak? Hopefully Mika ok je la. Sampai school good boy tak nangis pon and we left him immediately there. Parents memang tak digalakkan untuk tunggu even time Mika 4 yr old pon tak boleh stay. Serious I rasa macam baru je lagi hantar dia to Pre-1 and now..

this year pakai school shoes biasa je..senang
"mika tak nak pergi school" those were his exact words time ni
monitor dia dari jauh naik van

After dia dah settle at home, baru hubby and I pergi office. Believe it or not, first time I tengok dia turun dari van from school. I tak pernah langsung cuti last year. All went well, 2 jam je pon orientation and dia pon ok sebab balik rumah and not to nursery anymore. Balik school pon ceria je nampak..siap bye lagi kat kawan²

taken later at night..yang kecik sekali tu kenapa gangster sangat hah?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

first day of 2013

It's 2013 time flies. Alhamdulillah still breathing and most importantly to be surrounded by the loved ones. So new resolution? Nahhh..I don't believe in resolution. If nak something, make sure I'm going to get this year I want to wear my old pants yang elok tersusun satu stack dlm wardrobe tuh. Takkan la nak buat perhiasan kot? Though I doubt it sebab mostly size kecik..which is 24 tapi time lepas dapat Mika masih muat so no excuse for this time kan? In Shaa Allah. Meh tengok dapat ke tak..akan dinilai by end of this year :) On New Year, konon tak nak pergi mana² tapi sebab tak beli lagi stationery Mika, so I ajak la hubby to Mydin..Mydin je sebab senang dan tau..kalau pergi situ, situ je la mana boleh pergi tempat lain kan. Tapi telah gagal sebab we went to Pyramid after that to check out some stuffs. Still tak dapat lagi stuffs tuh, went to Parade pulak..baru 1st day of 2013 dah productive. Tak beli apa pon, stuffs for hubby and Mika je.

Aariq as usual, if nak cari barang memang we prefer not to bring him 

 boys will be boys..mommy layankan je
 taken later in the evening
that's our dinner..senang, cepat dan mengenyangkan

welcome 2013!

May this year brings us healthier lives, more happiness, wealth, love and success. In Shaa Allah :)