Sunday, December 16, 2012

two gatherings in one day

For lunch, we went to Eden, KLIA for some dim sum buffet with hubby's family. I'm not into dim sum so I opted for fried rice, shared it with Mika. Not that hungry too coz just had a heavy breakfast and that time was only 11ish. That Sunday afternoon, my maid Aariq as usual la, mana nak kat orang lain except me. Plus hubby's family lagi dia tak familiar kan..well not complaining la..tapi life is so much easier when my maid is around :) Dia susah nak kat orang I la selalu kena handle dia. Anyways, we were there till 1 ish kot, then Mika nak McD pulak on the way back. 

jangan terpedaya..effect je ni from camera 360..I like!
budak kecik nak minum air
at least one thing yang boleh bagi dia duduk diam

cousins..aariq belum cukup besar nak join
adam pon baru 2 yrs old tapi dah faham la


this one pulak dinner at Victoria Station, USJ to celebrate mom's birthday

happy birthday umi!
siapa la tu with the ben 10 watch
this boy ingat dia muat lagi baby chair
see..kan dah kena tolong nak keluar

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