Saturday, December 1, 2012

birthday treat for nov baby

November was kind of a happening month and I failed to post an entry..not even one! Blame it on IG and Twitter. Huhuhu..anyways, since it's already December and the first day itself the Duts and I went to celebrate my sis' birthday + karaoke, well jom la update. Long overdue plan..dari dulu lagi rasa nak karaoke tapi tak sempat² and I must say, we really had a good time. No surprise like previous birthdays..just lunch, then birthday song in front of the crowd and TGI and of course dia kena la berdiri on the chair + sing + dance..bully cukup². My cousins are like my siblings..we are close like that. And now the photos..the same thing I uploaded in IG and FB..dejavu la to those dah pernah tengok..sorry yea :)

the other two duts could not join us for lunch sebab attending a wedding but they made it for karaoke :)

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