Sunday, December 23, 2012

birthday celebration

We decided to hold a small birthday celebration for the kids and actually it was my mom's suggestion to do it outside. Konon nak buat dekat rumah my mom lagi but tukar venue la, easy for everyone. Event was for our close family members and we catered food pon cukup² je. Oh, the place was at Tea Pot Deli, SACC Mall. We've been here for Ellie's bridal shower last time and sebab macam senang and convenient plus food pon sedap, we chose to have it here. Alhamdulillah all went well and the most important thing is, dapat celebrate the kids' birthdays with our loved ones. At least ada la cake cutting ceremony to remember their birthdays. InsyaAllah we'll do something different in 2013. Senang anak birthday dekat², buat one shot :P Some pictures..

 with my DIY banner...

while cousins could not make it..tak cukup quorum
 missing another 4 more duts in this pic!
some of the food
we had fried rice, roasted chicken with gravy served with vege, fried chicken, lasagna, sardine roll, curry puffs, caramel pudding, pulut panggang, fries
birthday cake ordered from my sister's friend

After dah habis tu, ada one panic incident happened. We were busy packing up stuffs then Mika asked me where is bibik..then that was the last time I heard from him and I know dia pergi ikut bibik to the ladies. So tak risau la..then my mom tanya, mana Mika? I replied cakap dia ikut bibik pergi toilet..tapi macam rasa tak best so I suruh my sister pergi tengok. Bila my sister cakap dia takde, panic la semua orang. Hubby pon panic..when hubby dah panic, memang something is not good la sebab usually lelaki ni kan tak cepat panic. My mom dah sibuk² suruh my brother cari kat level atas, hubby cari kat level bawah..then I went back to the toilet just to double check with my cousin..masuk je toilet nampak dia tengah pakai seluar with bibik..Alhamdulillah..lega sangat! Time my sister tengok, dia kat dlm cubicle la tuh..that's why she said takde. Agaknya mcm tu la rasa bila orang hilang anak kan? Lesson learnt..never leave your child unattended even for few least sampai dia besar la dan boleh berfikir sendiri..Mika mika..bagi orang heart attack je kamu

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