Sunday, November 18, 2012

WK Annual Event 2012

This year my office did something different for the annual event. Forget the fancy dress, hairdo and makeup..this year we had fun out in the sun at Sunway Lagoon. The last time I was here was in early 2000 kot. Dekat je dengan rumah Subang dulu, in fact hari² lalu. Plus points sebab tak perlu fikir nak pakai dress apa, nak makeup and all, just pakai T-shirt event then eventhough it was on a Sunday..tapi tetap bersemangant sebab I memang suka outdoor activity, especially if ada air. Swim no la..but main air anytime.

Event starts at 10am with speech from GM followed by telematch + lucky draw then lunch + lucky draw. The telematch..ada empat group and I masuk almost all except for one sebab kalah and the other one yang tarik tali...mana la kuat nak tarik, tercampak ada la nanti. Doesn't matter yang penting the spirit and sportmanship..chewah. Sempat gaks la we all berendam kejap time orang lain main. Orang lain tak basah, we all dah basah dulu.

The lucky draw prizes not bad tapi the grand prize I dah ada, so it's really ok if tak dapat:) We were given access to all parks so after lunch memang relax and easy. My colleagues and I naik few rides and the first ride was hell of a ride! Berpusing almost 360 degrees, oh my..crazy. Sebab hujan dapat naik few more rides je then we went to the Scream park. This is the place where The Walking Dead come to life but I think if it's really real, I will not survive sebab asyik dok jerit je. Dalam ni walaupon orang yang takut² kan, tapi sebab terkejut punya pasal, tu pon boleh takut. Plus the place sangat gelap and a group of 8 ppl je kot allowed to go in at a time. Dah la "hantu" tuh tiba² je muncul..dekat pulak tu. Ada one part yang kena pakai spec 3D, gelap pakai spec..ishhh..I don't like it but I really had fun sebab join group yang happening :) Hubby came and fetched me later at 3.30pm dan walaupon pulang dengan tangan kosong, best gaks once in a while keluar with friends. I need to this often..asyik hubby je ada aktiviti..I must make one for enjoy the photos

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