Friday, November 16, 2012

happy 1st birthday Zharief Aariq!

We had a small birthday celebration for Aariq. Actually my mom yang suggest for this makan². She ordered some food dan kebetulan my grandma, aunts, cousins semua why not kan? The only thing I need to do is to get the cake. I order from my colleague. First time she ambil order sebab she's still new into baking. Not bad la her cake. Red velvet with cream cheese frosting. That day was a Friday so dinner la for us. At least Aariq tahu, his birthday was celebrated with the loved ones around. I love them very much. To my mom, thank you for organising this. Mmg we all dari kecik, if birthday ada je celebration so I guess she would like to keep the tradition going. To everyone who came that day, I'm sure Aariq appreciates this very much when he looks back at the entry..we ourselves memang sangat appreciate!

Aariq dah boleh jalan..actually at 11 mths old dah boleh. 10.5 mths dok bertatih, jalan jatuh, jalan jatuh..come 11 mths, dah boleh berdiri sendiri dan jalan. Cepat sikit from Mika tapi gigi masih ada 6..belum tambah lagi. Dah pandai macam², climb, tantrum, suka je kacau orang especially Mika, rambut masih sikit tapi growing, kurang takut orang dah..nak je kat semua orang. Boleh cakap "mama" don't know mama as in mama or mamamamamama.."mamam" for him is makan. Bila nampak pegang pinggan or sudu, dia cakap "mamam". Milk pon faham dah if ckp nak milk then dia bising² means dia nak. Be a good boy Aariq. Mommy doakan terbaik for you and Mika. Love you both so much!

the cake
everybody loves it
doa selamat
food..tauhu sumbat tu my mom buat the rest order from our fav caterer
not in the pic, gulai telur itik masak lemak aunty mommy..the bomb of the day

 4 generations :)

happy 1st birthday Aariq!

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