Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 3 - JPO and the end

On the last day, we opted for the breakfast buffet tapi Mika tak behave. Asyik dok lari sana sini je. Buat I marah je..so I asked hubby to monitor him fully. Oh that day our dear Aariq turned 1! Happy 1st birthday Aariq! 1st birthday dah celebrate pergi holiday. Don't expect much for your next birthday kiddo. Ni co-incidence je :) We checked out from the hotel at 11 like that after another round of swimming session and made a stop at JPO. Tuh pon dah lambat so orang dah ramai sebab it was a public holiday too, Deepavali. Even though itu tempat shopping tapi I takde mood la nak bersesak² masuk the shops and all. Tengok je plus the price takde la murah mana and I have two kids with me, susah nak tengok barang. Dengan Mika tantrum nak naik buggy which you can rent here tapi dah habis..orang ramai kan. Plus I rasa buggy tuh macam tak muat je for him. Kesian Mika..dia ni tak 4 yrs old lagi pon tapi stroller, trolley and all semua cam dah above max weight. Ingat nak beli tandem stroller tapi dia x muat la..huhuh..so ada la one hr kat situ, then balik sebab kids (and mom too) getting restless then just nice masuk kereta je hujan. That's the end of our JB trip..we survive without any helper! Ada la kecoh sana sini sikit but well, biasa la tu kan? So hubby, when is our next trip? :D

happy 1st birthday son!
 the only pic yang I ambil kat sini..boleh la for memory

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