Thursday, October 4, 2012

this is so random

Morning! Almost everyday I will bump into this dad sending his son to school on the way to work. No transport, mereka berjalan setiap hari and from the place I usually see them to the school which is located in the same building as my office adalah about 1.5km. The dad gigih hantar anak dia sometimes carry his son who is around Mika's age to school. A foreigner I must say tapi memang jauh they all jalan, sure penat. This morning, a car in front of mine tiba² je berhenti tepi jalan without giving any signal..I almost nak honk but when I saw the driver called out to the dad & son, terus tak jadi sebab he's actually giving them a lift and had good intention when he stopped by the roadside. Since the dad and son are heading to the same destination, should I stop by and give them a lift too next time I see them? Tempted but takut la if dah selalu, macam terbiasa pulak. Not sure why they are walking..exercise ke or memang no transport? Anyways, ada je bus around here so definitely they can take a ride as the bus memang stop depan office. Maybe the dad don't know? Hope he will ask around for help sebab kesian to the little boy gaks kena jalan jauh. Random entry of the day :)

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