Sunday, October 21, 2012


So someone turns 31 that 21st, that's a really a big number but I am not complaining. Alhamdulillah for this blessed life and for all the wonderful things that have happened all these years. It's good that my birthday falls on a Sunday so tak perlu kerja or nak take leave and all. Just that that day I wasn't feeling that well. No, I'm not pregnant again..but sore throat. Macam nak demam. Saturday morning hubby as usual main bola and I had breakfast with Mika, my dad and sister. Lepas tu masak lunch yang sempoi..then around 5 went out with hubby and Mika.

I don't want to feel guilty for leaving Aariq behind so I left him with the maid at my mom's. Ramai orang sikit nak tengok². Petang tu takde hala tuju..hubby said pergi Parade la and I ikut tak rasa nak makan langsung. Tak sihat kan..Mika had McD and we were there sampai 6 plus.

Made a move sebab macam dah nak left Parade and I tak suspect anything walaupon I realise hubby took the wrong route nak balik rumah but I diam je sebab tak larat. Tapiiii..i dah suspect something when he asked the direction to Puncak Alam. Apa nak buat kat sana? Dia cakap nak ambil barang..ok follow je..then dah sampai that area..he said..rumah kawan dia dekat rumah my laaa..then i saw my dad's car in front of ours. Sampai rumah my cousin tengok they all tengah BBQ and all. Oh, surprise rupanya! So sweet of you all and combine birthday with another cousin of mine. All of our family members were mom and Aariq too! Nasib I bawak baju cukup2 for him. Haihhh..korang ni susah² je. Thanks so much everyone for the surprise! I'm so touched. Knowing hubby dia bukan pandai nak keep secret and all..too honest..but he covered it well. Terus rasa sihat bila jumpa everyone..i love you all!

aariq as usual takut orang tapi time ni dia dah sleepy sangat..
my babies mmg allergic sikit if keluar past 8pm..coz they usually sleep at 9pm

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