Monday, October 29, 2012

what's up?

Hellllooo..long silence huh? I’ve got so many things to update that I don’t even know where to begin. So bila dah kumpul-kumpul, terus jadi cam haih..malas laaaa..ok this is just to inform that I might be doing backdated posts. Senang nak ingat date bila jadi and all. If rajin, sila la scroll ke belakang, ke depan :) the last post was on October, 7th..well gonna update after that onwards (if time permits and if rajin)

Sunday, October 21, 2012


So someone turns 31 that 21st, that's a really a big number but I am not complaining. Alhamdulillah for this blessed life and for all the wonderful things that have happened all these years. It's good that my birthday falls on a Sunday so tak perlu kerja or nak take leave and all. Just that that day I wasn't feeling that well. No, I'm not pregnant again..but sore throat. Macam nak demam. Saturday morning hubby as usual main bola and I had breakfast with Mika, my dad and sister. Lepas tu masak lunch yang sempoi..then around 5 went out with hubby and Mika.

I don't want to feel guilty for leaving Aariq behind so I left him with the maid at my mom's. Ramai orang sikit nak tengok². Petang tu takde hala tuju..hubby said pergi Parade la and I ikut tak rasa nak makan langsung. Tak sihat kan..Mika had McD and we were there sampai 6 plus.

Made a move sebab macam dah nak left Parade and I tak suspect anything walaupon I realise hubby took the wrong route nak balik rumah but I diam je sebab tak larat. Tapiiii..i dah suspect something when he asked the direction to Puncak Alam. Apa nak buat kat sana? Dia cakap nak ambil barang..ok follow je..then dah sampai that area..he said..rumah kawan dia dekat rumah my laaa..then i saw my dad's car in front of ours. Sampai rumah my cousin tengok they all tengah BBQ and all. Oh, surprise rupanya! So sweet of you all and combine birthday with another cousin of mine. All of our family members were mom and Aariq too! Nasib I bawak baju cukup2 for him. Haihhh..korang ni susah² je. Thanks so much everyone for the surprise! I'm so touched. Knowing hubby dia bukan pandai nak keep secret and all..too honest..but he covered it well. Terus rasa sihat bila jumpa everyone..i love you all!

aariq as usual takut orang tapi time ni dia dah sleepy sangat..
my babies mmg allergic sikit if keluar past 8pm..coz they usually sleep at 9pm

Saturday, October 13, 2012

zharief aariq is 11 months old!

Zharief Aariq turns 11 month old on this very day. One more month to 1 yr old baby! At 11 months, dia macam dah faham banyak benda. Oh he can walk too! Cepat one month dari abang Mika. Dah dapat kaki, berjalan la kerja dia. His first clear word is "CAT" boleh? Nampak cat je sibuk cakap cat..then nampak dog neighbour pon cat jugak. He can say Dada - Daddy, Maaa - Mommy, Bekbek - Bibik, Mika pon boleh rasanya ada la bunyi2 dia..masih takut orang, masih susah nak kat orang lain, if mommy around, berkepit dgn mommy je la, suka manja² with mommy especially if I tengah baring² dia akan datang terus landing sebelah or atas badan, suka kacau Mika, suka gaks sayang Mika..ada 6 batang gigi..boleh panjat sofa, pandai turun katil, if nak keluar pandai dah buat muka nak ikut, suka nak rasa food orang, obsess with tv/astro remotes. Tahu pulak pegang remote then point to tv..i think dia dah boleh faham cause and effect. Alhamdulillah, dah banyak benda dia boleh buat cuma kalau boleh, tak nak la takut orang ye..susah mommy nak mingle :P


Hubby's family planned for a makan session to celebrate MIL's birthday. We share the same month, what a co-incidence :) We went to Putrajaya errr..apa nama tempat tuh..but the restaurant located at this monument by the lakeside. I pon baru tahu ada monument ni. Just beside the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin's mosque. Some pics..

Oh ada family photo but not in my if dapat nanti, I add in here.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

jalan² cari breakfast + wedding

Sunday morning, semua bangun awal..before 7am to be exact. Konon nak jalan² cari breakfast. 7.30am dah keluar rumah and yes the whole troop pergi. Tapi tak jauh mana pon pergi, sampai USJ je. There’s this one restaurant dekat USJ 9 tengok ramai orang, food pon macam² ada but sadly, biasa² je. Sedap lagi breakfast kat kedai mamak biasa dekat around PH.

Tak pergi mana pon lepas breakfast. Balik terus masak sup ikan for Aariq and nasi goreng for Mika. Ada kenduri kahwin lunch time nanti. Fed Mika first sebab tau dia bukan makan sangat lauk kenduri. Just the three of us pergi, as usual without the lil one.

oh my..pale face without any makeup on
ok letak lip stick dah (malas mode)
berapa kali ulang alik ambil air sirap
pandai laks tu ambil sendiri..dah besar anak mommy tapi still a crybaby

Otw back Mika mintak McD..ok la to McD it is. Mika ni picky eater, so kalau dia dah mintak nak makan something memang akan belikan but of course takde la melampau² kan. Pandai² la. That evening tak pergi mana pon, more like lepak makan roti canai je and that was my dinner that night.

 Mr. Roti Canai @Putra Palms, Putra Heights
my new pink phone cover with new phone inside :P

Saturday, October 6, 2012

another Saturday update

It was raining in the morning and normal routine on a Saturday is to have breakfast at our favourite nasi lemak restaurant. Hubby memang every Saturday ada bola. It's a bonus kalau takda. Initially nak pergi with my mom and Mika je but my brother ni buat surprise pulak bangun pagi and join. First time ok breakfast kat luar dengan dia siap belanja. Wow, hebat la kamu.

Lepas breakfast Mika nak duduk rumah Tok Mi dia tak nak follow I balik. I sempat la pergi Giant buat some marketing. Usually ada je orang tag along but this time pergi sendiri. Free to take anything and at my own pace.

I buat chicken stock for Aariq sebab stock dah nak habis and my mom bagi lauk leftovers so malas la nak masak. Ada kurma ayam, sup sayur, ikan goreng. Cukup la tu. Mika the whole day dekat rumah my mom and we all datang ambil dia pon around 6 sebab Aariq tidur lama betul. Best kot takde orang kacau, bilik gelap, sejuk. Fetch Mika tapi drop kan Aariq sebab nak pergi hantar photos to print. I ada beli this deal dekat Groupon long time ago. 300 4R copies for RM78. To me macam cheap plus I have tons of photos tak print! My mom selalu cakap, asyik ambil gambar je..gambar tak nampak pon. So print la sekali for her. We had dinner first and Mika the whole day tak tidur, so bila dah pukul 7 macam tu dia letih la. Yer la main je satu hari. Lepas dinner, fetch Aariq and that night semua tidur bilik mommy.

this boy dah tak boleh tinggal sorang²
diam² je tengok dah dekat atas coffee table

Thursday, October 4, 2012

this is so random

Morning! Almost everyday I will bump into this dad sending his son to school on the way to work. No transport, mereka berjalan setiap hari and from the place I usually see them to the school which is located in the same building as my office adalah about 1.5km. The dad gigih hantar anak dia sometimes carry his son who is around Mika's age to school. A foreigner I must say tapi memang jauh they all jalan, sure penat. This morning, a car in front of mine tiba² je berhenti tepi jalan without giving any signal..I almost nak honk but when I saw the driver called out to the dad & son, terus tak jadi sebab he's actually giving them a lift and had good intention when he stopped by the roadside. Since the dad and son are heading to the same destination, should I stop by and give them a lift too next time I see them? Tempted but takut la if dah selalu, macam terbiasa pulak. Not sure why they are walking..exercise ke or memang no transport? Anyways, ada je bus around here so definitely they can take a ride as the bus memang stop depan office. Maybe the dad don't know? Hope he will ask around for help sebab kesian to the little boy gaks kena jalan jauh. Random entry of the day :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

take this thing off of me!

take this thing off of me!
bullied by aunty Zira..tunggu ye kamu aunty Zira. dah besar nak pau McD

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

handsome vs cute

Orang dapat phone baru memang macam ni. Amik pic non stop je..

 handsome boy :)
alololo senyum sampai rasa nak kiss picit²