Saturday, September 1, 2012

wedding+birthday+open house+beraya

On the same day my cousin had her reception on the guy's side (which to follow nanti la yer), we went to an open house cum birthday party then petang pulak pergi beraya to my aunt's house which is also in PH. Memang satu hari berjalan hari tuh. Sampai rumah from wedding, freshen up then went to my friend's house. I knew her sebab anak² same taska then I think dia the only parent yang friendly and down to earth habis. Memang cool je. Although dah tak hantar Mika dah, we still keep in touch thru FB and WhatsApp. So she invited me over to her house that Saturday. Dapat la Mika jumpa his friends kejap.

birthday girl yang pakai pink ribbon and in white
eusra nama dia and she just turned 1 :)

Done with that, balik rumah and konon nak rest la..kejap je kot rest then around 5 my cousin called ajak pergi rumah aunt. So beramai² la kami ke sana. Makan mee goreng yang sedap and it was really a good weekend sebab dapat gather with the family and I tell you, that one week memang happening. Totally enjoy every minute of it.

 ni kenapa ni bam bam?
 rambut mana rambut?
 tengok mika dalam pic ni teringat gang nam style tuh
 anak² no. 2
 tuan rumah yang baju biru, pakai specs
group photo

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