Saturday, September 22, 2012

saturday night

That evening balik from the career fair, bawak the kids jalan² ambil angin with their bicycles. Penat sebab the berapa jam berdiri but for them, anything. Plus weather was nice. Then mandikan the kids and put them to sleep as early as we could sebab movie night. That night tengok Snow White and the Huntsman sambil makan Dominos. Lovely. The movie for me..biasa je..probably because of the main actress? hmhm..

 aariq nak kacau abang minum milk
we all semua bersempit-sempit tidur in Mika's room that night
 mika still drinks his milk from the bottle (i dulu sampai 6 yrs old :P)
 fav companion to sleep (i think that one was a gift from my colleague)
 suka buat abang ni
our dinner that night :)

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