Saturday, September 8, 2012

quality time with the kids

Helllooo..I'm supposed to continue updating about my cousin's wedding but macam kena on hold kejap sebab the process of selection the photos adalah sangat leceh sebab semua pon macam awesome. Tak tahu nak pilih mana, the photos I memang letak at FB but for the sake of this blog, I'm planning to put some here too. Will revisit that later..for now last weekend's update.

Last Saturday, brought the kids out makan angin at about 7.30am sebab the weather macam just nice. Aariq duduk dlm bicycle dia..whatever that is and Mika also on his bicycle. Since Mika dah pandai cycle..asyik la nak laju je. Mika lambat sikit belajar cycle sebab err..berat kot? hehe..dapat master pon few months back. Navigate boleh la..still need to monitor. Good half an hour walk sambil tolak Aariq, sambil monitor Mika dan sempat jugak la Aariq tergolek atas rumput. The ground is uneven, time tu I tarik Mika yang terstuck so Aariq ni pergi berdiri pulak..jatuh la tergolek tapi tak serious pon, comel je cam bola.

Pass Aariq to bibik for breakfast then Mika ajak gi playground. Adalah half an hour more kat situ. After that, call my mom dan ajak breakfast. Picked her up then minutes after, Abah joined us. Lovely Saturday morning. Oh where was hubby time ni? Bola laaa..what else :P

both are early riser..macam mommy and daddy gaks
some quality time with the eldest one

 tok mi cakap apa tu kat mika?
 and look at his expression..

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