Thursday, September 13, 2012

get well soon Aariq

The day Aariq turned 10 month old was the day we had to bring him to ER. 10 months ago at about the same time, we welcomed this baby boy and exactly 10 months later, he decided to check out his place of birth :) Reason because dia start muntah² at about midnight, then few more times after that and last one lepas minum milk at 4 plus (just like Mika). So at 5, we all bangun termasuk la abang Mika yang busybody and get ready to go to the hospital. Sebab dah pernah admit kan Mika dulu, this time I decide nak pack barang² yang patut..sampai 2 bag! Just in case. Made our way to the hospital at about 6am, pesan kat bibik to wash the bedsheets (again), mop atas and also masakkan porridge Aariq. At ER, doc check and told us, virus infection (same case like Mika). Told you before that this thing is contagious so mesti dapat from abang la ni. Benda nak jadi kan. Doc said not to worry much coz he seems fine and nurse masukkan vomit medicine kat bawah tuh and ask us to monitor him at home. If dia keep on vomiting, tak nak makan apa², bring him back to the hospital. So monitor la dia whole day semlm. Good boy tak vomit dah but feverish sikit. Mika on the other hand dah almost a week tak pergi school. Belum fully recover sebab few times pergi toilet but doc said it’s normal la and will go on for few days. That evening, Aariq got visitors from her aunt Zira, Tok Bah and of course la my mom yang all the time around. Last time when they were still in Subang pon sanggup datang all the way to visit Mika each time Mika fall sick. Extended family pon ada tanya about Aariq and when Mika was admitted last time, rajin datang visit. Family, sayang kamu semua! Oh thanks to the friends yang wish and all at FB :) Please pray for speedy recovery and 100% sihat yer for the two kiddos.

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