Saturday, September 29, 2012

dinner @Run Forest Run

Had early dinner with the family sebab semua orang pon dah balik from holiday/jalan². Dad from Perth, sister from Istanbul and mom from her hometown..huhuh. We went to Bubba Gump @Citta Mall. Lama sangat tak makan kat sini. Can't remember the last time I had this pon. Time pregnant kan Aariq ke or before that. The thing I like about Citta Mall sebab dia open. Something like The Curve minus the crowd. Paking pon banyak dan senang. Quite number of restaurants also. So if nak makan Chillis tapi tak nak beratur, meh la datang sini. Rasa sama je with other outlets.

 team daddy

 aariq mana ada chance situ la dia nak tarik rambut mika

 tangan macam orang besar

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