Saturday, September 22, 2012

career fair

Went to the career fair on Saturday held at MidValley. Not to look for any job but promoting WK actually :) I've never participate in any of the job fair organised by WK so I thought why not. Hubby and Mika sent me to MV that morning. Reached there at 10am and by then, orang pon dah ramai and the job fair just open to public. Crowd was crazy at around 10.30 - 1pm, memang ramai orang sangat. People kept coming to the booth and we were busy explaining about this and that and managed to collect quite a number of CVs and not to mention application card. Had to stand from 10 till 2.30pm..stand lama, duduk ada la few minutes. Went around to check out other booths but sebab orang terlalu ramai, tak dapat la nak tengok betul². Dah la masa survey around tuh, I was with boss. Boss sporting je, very the cool :)

My shift ends at 2.30pm and nervous sebab balik kena naik train. Tak nak susahkan hubby to pick me up all the way to MV, dengan fed highway jam's ok. First time naik train alone and it has been ages since the last time I naik KTM. A bit tricky here sebab kena switch train at KL Sentral. Bila benda pelik² ni, terus la rasa blur habis. Dah queue up dah beli tiket kat machine somehow the machine rejected my notes. Semua note I try but no luck. Machine tak accept RM1 ke sebab tak tulis pon RM1 kat situ?! Tapi I try gaks la notes lain. Pastu panic la..queue panjang kat belakang sampai tanya orang belakang..butang cancel mana, butang cancel? Hahaha..noob. Turned out memang machine tuh rosak..haishh..saja je. Before I nak insert ticket tuh I usha dulu orang depan, tengok² orang depan pon blur² plus machine kat MV tuh memang tak function ke eh time nak masuk ke platform tuh..I confident je jalan terus then bila baca..oh platform lagi satu..bukan yang ni..sama la dengan orang depan. Sama² kita patah balik yer. Lepas tuh, semua ok, senang pulak :) just that kena tunggu lama sikit at MV station. Sampai KL Sentral, follow sign board to Pelabuhan Klang je..then dah sampai to platform just nice sebab train baru sampai.

Penat memang penat career fair tapi rasa best sebab new experience. Dapat jumpa ramai orang..imagine ramai giler orang kat KL ni. Cerita kat hubby dia cakap "Kesian, tak pernah jumpa orang ramai²" Cisss..

AM shift team

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