Friday, August 3, 2012

that awkward moment

I had this conversation with my colleagues and my boss in our weekly meeting last Wednesday. My colleagues and boss are very sporting people. Yes, we discuss about work but we also talk about non-work related stuffs which is good. So I told them that I haven't seen A & B for quite some time..are they around? They said yes and that evening itself, I bumped into A. For A it was not that bad because I sort of know A and have worked with A before.

Yesterday as I was about to leave the office, the lift made a stop at Level 3 (my office is at Level 4) but nobody was there. I reached out for the close button and as I wanted to press that, I heard the office door opened and decided to hold the lift. Guess who walked in? B! I was like "Are you for real? We just talked about you yesterday and thought you were no longer working here" but of course I did not say that. It was so funny and awkward at the same time! The thing with B is, B is from different department and we only shared a meeting once and that's about it but B is friendly and can really talk and likes to crack silly jokes too. Funny! Sigh..speak of the devil huh? in my case two :)

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