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three year old, eight month

Three year old, eighth month - source from babycenter

How your child's developing
Look at me! Mum, look at me!" your preschooler calls as she zooms down the slide — headfirst. Her growing bravery on the playground may make you wince sometimes, not that she notices. She loves showing off new skills. At three, children walk on tiptoe, try to stand on one foot (and might even succeed for a few seconds), gallop and try to skip, and pedal a tricycle. To keep these gross motor skills developing, she should have at least an hour of physical activity a day.

agree sangat. Mika memang suka sangat showing off his new skills and can I add dangerous jugak? Buat mommy panic memang la no.1. One of his fav things is stunt dari katil ke tilam bawah. Suka sangat lompat², tak termasuk lagi berdiri atas sofa..dan bukan on cushion tapi yang arm rest tuh..kus semangat..takut terbalik je sofa tuh..dia kan berat. An hour of physical activity a hour je? more like everytime for Mika :) boys will be boys i guess..

Unstructured play offers plenty of practice in running and jumping. More organised games like tag, hopscotch and simple ball games build endurance and coordination. To work on balance, encourage your child to walk next to you along a curb or follow a line on the path. Obstacle courses set up inside or outside help children grasp spatial awareness: "Climb over the chair. Now skip around the cone." Better yet, show her yourself - you can get some exercise, too.

ok this one..i need to do this more often. after work, make sure to set a time to play with him. bak kata babycenter >> you can get some exercise, too!

"When are we going?" "Tomorrow," you answer. Five minutes later, your preschooler asks. "Are we going yet?" Children vary widely in how well they grasp time. At three, your child may understand sequence (she did it first or last) and how long something takes (a long or short time). But concepts like the past (yesterday) and the future (tomorrow) can be murkier.

this is so true. Mika kadang² masih confuse concept yesterday, tomorrow, this morning tapi boleh la dia faham. bab cakap, memang dia no.1. ada je benda dia nak jawab. pandai cakap pulak tuh. mulut macam pop corn, non stop ok cakap!

Your child is ready to understand days of the week, so mention them whenever you get a chance. For example, remind her that on weekends, Saturday and Sunday, there's no school or work. Or maybe that Monday is the day she goes to playschool.

he knows the days well I must say. Wednesday ada swimming then porridge for snack, Thursday ada exercise then Saturday Sunday cuti. For him cuti> jalan. Ikut siapa la ni asal cuti je tak boleh duduk diam :)

Your life now
When your child throws a tantrum, don't automatically assume she's tired. Other common triggers for three-year-olds: hunger, sickness, frustration over being unable to do something physical, and wilting from expectations that are too mature for her. Often the best response is no response: give the tantrum a little time to burn itself out. Realise, though, that her emotional state is much too primitive during a tantrum to respond to logical arguments or much other conversation.

tantrum still happen here and there and when it happens without valid reasons. tiba² je emo tentu pasal (i so know this behaviour). will be worse if my mom is around..lagi la dia mengada tak ingat sebab my mom marah pon tak. cuba i masa kecik dulu tantrum, sure kena sound dah. most of the time i will let him be, biar je. but ada masa gaks, bila dah lebih limit..kena la cubit/babap. oh mengada..with bibik also mengada..puas la bibik pujuk dia but good thing is he listens :)

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