Monday, July 9, 2012

perfect saturday

Days come and go just like weekend dah Ramadhan. Last Ramadhan I was 6 months pregnant and this time, Aariq sudah 8 bulan. See, how time flies. Anyways, weekend was great. Hubby, Mika and I went and watched Spiderman. The movie was funny but P.Parker is just a teen. Still in high school tapi ada la element-element yang touching here and there. Mika haihhh..tak behave sangat. I think he’s bored. Dah la volume kuat masa cakap, how many times I had to remind him to talk slowly. Towards the end je baru dia senyap sebab banyak actions dah..tuh pon dia nak gi toilet and bila balik, hubby and him sat dekat row bawah sikit (jauh from orang ramai). I guess the next movie will be without him la if cerita² orang besar ni.

before the movie :)

In the evening at 5, the girls and I visited Erin and her new baby, R.a.e.d R.a.z.i.q. Sedap eh nama? I love it. Rumah Erin dekat la sangat with my parents’ so bila pergi I drop the maid with Aariq there and only brought Mika with me. Hubby opted to stay at home, it’s ok. Dekat je :) We made a move bout 6.30pm like that and Faz & Eisha dropped by at mom’s to meet Aariq. Happy to meet the girls dan 1.5 hour sangat tak cukup untuk borak² dan tak boleh nak pay attention sangat sebab Mika ni kejap² tarik I nak main with Erin’s girls. Dia nak main tapi malu. Tapi memang about time to leave la sebab parent's Lan dah datang then baby R nak milk. He's so cute. Dah lama tak pegang baby 1 mth old..and I miss that feeling..boleh? I miss to bf also :(

the kids tak incomplete sebab bella and thaqif not around
mika high on bubble

Later at night, try makan dekat this restaurant. Not bad. Mika walloped a plate of Hainan fried rice by himself, I had this maggi goreng and hubby had nasi goreng kampung. Boleh la makan situ lagi. My activity that night ialah tengok R.e.venge. Tak habis² lagi..baru ep.13. 9 more to go. Perfect evening :)

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