Thursday, July 5, 2012

on tv series

The thing about TV series just don't know how to stop from watching it. If boleh, nak habiskan satu season terus. That's why I prefer to wait for the full series before I start watching sebab tak suka cerita yang hanging. My current addiction is 'R.e.v.e.nge'. Yes I'm that late..orang lain dah lama dah tengok. I slept like almost midnight yesterday just to watch all 4 episodes and that not even half of it. For some ppl 12 midnight is still consider early..but not for me. I usually sleep latest by 10.30pm. Age factor ke tapi memang dari dulu I try to get 8 hours of sleep. In between that, usually bangun 2 kali..12 and 4 sebab budak kecik demands for his milk. To me tidur sangat penting unlike hubby yang tidur 4 -5 jam je dah cukup. OK back to the series, it's interesting to watch sebab ada objective not really like GG, DH and GA. I don't really watch a lot of series nowadays (I wonder why) and so far this one macam one of the best kot. Nak start follow TVD pulak la after this. Asyik skip2 je. Eh so many abbreviations..those yang minat TV series ni tau la kot

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