Sunday, July 15, 2012

not so perfect outing

This one was the outing on Sunday pulak. I think by now it's not a secret anymore that my dear cousin Ellie is getting married after Raya. A week after Raya to be exact. So another wedding this year, Alhamdulillah! She's no longer in the hot seat now and has passed the baton to my brother. Her sisters were kind enough to throw her a bridal shower and it was a surprised. Usually bridal shower kan all girls but bagi twist sikit la..invite the guys and also the kids.

The bridal shower was fun, food was delicious, great company but my dear baby boy decided not to behave well that day. He didn't get enough sleep to begin bila tak cukup tidur + jumpa unfamiliar faces..apa lagi..he cried his lungs out. Only want mommy. Ada la dia ok sikit, then nak balik bising² lagi. So that's it. To the home it is. Some pics taken by my cousin Nana (took from your FB, don't mind kan?) :)

 the bride-to-be
 muka kerut²..oh baby sebelah sangat comel! 
dulu time aariq besar ni tak takut org pon
 mika yang behave..clever boy

 grruuummmpppyyy aariq
 cute babies..geng sama ni..takde rambut :)
nak usik sikit..
i'm thinking of enrolling aariq to playgroup so that he can learn to mix with other kids/ppl

Bila masuk kereta je mamat kecik ni terus tido. Dah makan, dah minum milk..sedap la tidur. Nampak sangat dia penat. In the evening, mom invited us to her house for dinner. My cousins pon datang but they came a bit late and since it's school day the next day, we have to excuse ourselves early.

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