Monday, July 16, 2012

dah expired!

Didn't realise that my roadtax dah expired on the 15th. Selamba je drive to work. Since I renew my roadtax thru myEG, so normally ada reminder la when it's about to expired tapi sebab I don't take call from unknown numbers..maybe terlepas la reminder tu. Nways, dah masuk office tengok calendar then it hit wait..bila roadtax kena renew ni..dah July..memang terlupa langsung bout it. Last time I ingat but that was like 2 months ago so fast! So kelam kabut di situ. Last 2 years mintak tlg husband my friend renewkan and before that..memang my mom yang baik hati tolong buat time dia kerja dulu sbb package insurance at her office mcm murah sikit kot. I just need to go to the post office to do the roadtax. This year sebab very the last minute, I decide buat sendiri. Actually not really. I don't know how to fill up the form..stuck. Made a phone to myEG and this customer service officer memang the best la. Dia yang tolong fill in kan the details and the whole process like very fast. Dia bagi quotation, email then if OK, baru I proceed to pay. All done before 1pm..and yesterday at about 4 ish, ada orang deliver the roadtax. Very efficient! So far memang tak pernah frust with myEG, reliable and efficient. Good job guys! From this year onwards, tak perlu susah² mintak tolong orang lain buatkan..dah boleh buat sendiri :)

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