Wednesday, June 27, 2012

just me and you baby

Hey it's Wednesday today. Busy sangat the past two days with issues and whatnots and yesterday memang horror la. Well, let's not talk about it here. Hanya mereka² yang terlibat saja yang tahu pasal ni. Last weekend was not a productive one. I spent most of the time dekat rumah je. Saturday terlebih rajin, masak for lunch and dinner then I buat chicken stock for Aariq. Lama betul masak..3 jam kot sampai daging, vege all hancur. Looks delicious too.

Sunday I tak follow hubby and Mika keluar pon. They went and watched Brave..just the two of them. Reason being sbb cartoon and also sebab I nak spend time with my other baby. Kesian, asyik kena tinggal je kan. So bonding time la that morning till noon while bibik kemas rumah and all. In the evening pergi BM to meet the in-laws and later dropped by dekat Nilai 3 to get this comfy but cheap mattress..ala..letak kat dpn TV and in the room for the boys to golek²/nap.

 finally asleep lepas golek sana sini
 oohhh..abang is not here..can ride this
and i'm one happy baby! see my two teeth?

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